How to Achieve Your Set Goals This Year

Many of us set targets last year and didn’t accomplish even half of what we wanted to do. This could be because the kind of goals you set were impossible to achieve within that time frame or your strategies weren’t smart enough.

Here are a few tips on setting achievable goals as guided by Christopher Asiimwe, a financial adviser.

Don’t set the bar so high

Some of us set high end goals that cannot be humanly achieved, for example, wanting to buy a jet when your salary is Shs 300,000. To achieve your goals, Asiimwe notes that you need to set realistic and achievable goals. The little successes will encourage you to do more.

Work hard

Don’t set the goals and sit back, work hard to achieve them. This could mean getting an extra job, working extra time, working twice hard, reducing on the luxury and saving more among other things. After setting a goal, do all that you can to achieve it.


Sometimes the connections you make or have catalyze your achievements. Interact with people, share ideas and also learn from others. This will help you build a stronger ladder to reaching your goals sooner.


Write your goals somewhere

Sometimes we set goals and even forget we did. Writing your goals somewhere would be a great idea. This could be in your phone, on a piece of paper and hang it in your bedroom, have it in your computer, note book or any other place that you will be able to see often every morning.

This way, the goal feels a bit more demanding and tangible.

Don’t deviate from your goal

Some people set goals but do totally different things. However, you could have better plans than what you had set, which is okay but don’t lose focus of what your initial intention was. Stick to your plan, set the target, work hard, achieve it and set another.

Have someone to remind you

It’s better to share your new year’s goals with someone who can constantly remind you of your goals. This could be someone close to you, a friend, partner, parent, siblings among others. The reminder will keep you responsible and accountable for the end results.

Change your life style

Sometimes the lives we lead define who we are. If you live a luxurious life, you will spend more of your time and income trying to keep up a certain standard. This, for most people is not compatible with the hustle to achieve something and so they won’t even try.

Dreams are valid as long as you can work on them

Don’t crucify yourself for not achieving your goals the previous year. We don’t always get what we want in life so don’t get tired of trying. Aim for the sky, if you don’t get there, you might fall within the stars.

As long as you set yourself to achieve something, work hard, strategize, you will always get something.  If you didn’t achieve your goals in 2019, try again with new hope, energy and strategies.

More importantly, reflect on the reasons why you didn’t make it and work on them.


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