How Sorrow has Reunited Juliana, Amon

The sorrow and pain of losing their only child has worked a positive force of bringing singer Juliana Kanyomozi and her former husband Amon Lukwago back together.

The past week of mourning of departed 11-year old Keron Kabugo has narrowed the gap between the two which had persisted for close to a decade, according to close pals.

They say that there has never been a chance of the two mending their lost love than there is today.

A close friend of the duo and KFM presenter Roger Mugisha will take the credit,  if the reunion finally materializes.

Amon and Juliana are led to the church for prayers
Amon and Juliana are led to the church for prayers on Friday

Roger first met Juliana,  a karaoke singer and dancer in 1997 and later linked her to Amon, who was just returning from kyeyo in the UK.

The relationship suffered a number of blows after the birth of Keron before crushing a few years later, leaving Juliana in full custody of the child.

However, at his father’s house in Kawuku on Wednesday, Amon shocked mourners when he grabbed the microphone, went down on his knees and apologized to Juliana for his wrongdoing.

He also appreciated her acceptance to step at his dad’s house for the first time ever.

As if to emphasize his commitment to perch up the shattered relationship, Amon went ahead to exhibit his repentant heart to Juliana in the middle of the church during the requiem at All Saints Church.

Roger who delivered the message observed: “Juliana, Amon says he is very, very proud of you. He says he has not met anybody in the world who has inspired so much strength in him than you.”

Juliana at the mass also, expressed her gratitude to Amon and described him as a “great father”

It now remains to be seen whether the two would consider especially trying to fill up the hollow gap left by Keron.

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