How Singer Iryn Namubiru Survived Deadly Boat Cruise

Singer Iryn Namubiru was one of the lucky partiers that that cheated death after a boat carrying over 100 people capsized on Lake Victoria on Saturday evening claiming over 30 lives.

However, many of her fans and followers have been wondering how she managed to get off boat before it sunk.

David Katerega, one of the waiters of the boat and one of the survivors, has since revealed that the ‘Birowoozo’ singer didn’t wait for the boat to sink as she jumped off to swim to safety.

“Iryn had not trusted the boat from the beginning because she came in late and later asked the authorities to get one. When the boat was starting to swing side to side, she jumped off and swam to the first boat that came to rescue us. It’s her who told the people that we need help back there,” said Katerega while at Mulago Hospital.

He went on to reveal that it was the singer’s phone that they used as a flash light to send a signal for rescuers before it disappeared.

Iryn has since taken to social media to announce that she ‘managed to survive but still undergoing treatment’.

Iryn also sent condolence messages to the victim’s families asking God to see them through this difficult moment.

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