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How Sheikh Kamoga Plotted Muslim Cleric Assassinations

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John Petter, BT Consumer CEO said: “I am pleased we will be showing Premier League football for a further three years and that we have secured the prime Saturday evening slot. These new rights will enhance our existing schedule of football, rugby and other international sport, including all the live footballing action from the Champions and Europa Leagues starting this summer.”

Nakawa Grade one Magistrate Timothy Lumunye has committed 7 Muslim clerics to the High Court for hearing of terrorism and murder charges slapped against them to commence.


The suspects including Sheikhs Yunus Kamoga and Siraje Kawooya, more about Sekayanja Abdulsalaam, cure Ssematimba Abdulhamid, approved Rashid Jingo, Twaha Ssekitto and Yusuf Kakande are charged with 4 charges including terrorism contrary to section 7(i) and 2(a) of Anti-Terrorism Act 2002, Crimes Against Humanity contrary to section 8 of the ICC Act laws of Uganda, murder contrary to section 188 and 189 of the Penal Code Act and attempted murder.

How Accused Killed Sheikh Bahiga

According to an indictment seen by this investigative website which the Director of Public Prosecutions is set to use during the trial, the accused had a hand in the murder of Sheikh Mustapha Bahiga who was shot 5 times while at Kajjansi along Entebbe road in December.

The document highlights that over the years there were leadership wrangles at William Street mosque which led to creation of cliques fighting to take over leadership of the place of worship.

“The leadership cliques further divided the followers into those suspected of spying for government security agencies and those who were not. The suspected spies were always referred to as ‘snakes’ and Sheikh Bahiga was one of those referred to as snakes,” reads part of the indictment reads in part.

The document further explains that as the wrangles escalated, fliers were circulated in the mosque warning believers against the ‘snakes’ and to avoid them. This was done on top of the preachings conducted by radical clerics calling upon believers to do something about the snakes.

“Meetings attended by the accused were organized by the mosque leaders and sat at Sheikh Siraje Kawooya’s home to resolve the divisions among followers but the 7 always diverted the meetings with hate speech against the ‘snakes’ proposing for their beating and getting rid of,” the document further states.

The indictment adds, “In one of those meetings there was a proposal by Sheikhs Kawooya and Kamoga that the ‘snakes’ be eliminated and the suspects always told the meetings of how ‘extremely  bad’ Sheikh Bahiga was and deserved to die with other ‘snakes’. It was then that the accused undertook to identify former ADF followers who could do the job of eliminating the ‘snakes.”

It further states that the shooting and eventual death of Sheikh Bahiga was therefore not a surprise to the Muslim community who were used to preachings and utterances from the accused that he ought to be eliminated.

“After being shot while at Bwebajja a few minutes before he died, Sheikh Bahiga was heard by his sons crying out how he had been killed by a one Kamoga.”

Plan to Kill Sheikh Jjemba Fails

The indictment document further highlights how on January, 2 2015 after the murder of Sheikh Bahiga, the group hatched plans to kill Sheikh Haruna Jjemba whose name had also appeared on one of the fliers as being a ‘snake’ that needed to be eliminated.

“He (Jjemba) was attacked by a gun wielding man who shot into his compound before the former’s body guard responded which prompted an exchange of fire before the attacker sped off. Fliers with hate speech and names of the ‘snakes’ including Sheikh Jjemba were later recovered from 3 of the accused’s homes and this confirmed that the accused engineered the attempted murder of Jjemba,” concluded the document from the DPP’s office.

While addressing journalists late last year in Kampala, the Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura attributed the murder of Muslim clerics to ADF rebels whom he said were targeting them for preaching against insurgency.

“While we are not ruling out other motives in individual cases, there is strong evidence linking these murders to Al Qaeda affiliate ADF,” Kayihura told journalists at Naguru on December 30.

He added, “We have credible intelligence which indicates that the majority of these clerics have been targeted because of their refusal to embrace extremist theocratic ideology; one which promotes the use of violence and terrorism as a tool of social, religious and political change.”

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