How Security Guards Shot Dead 3 Men In Robbery Attempt At Biyinzika Poultry Farm

Saturday night was like any other night for the residents of Kigunga in Mukono Municipality.

The area, which is home to Biyinzika Poultry farm, had retired for the night oblivious of the trouble that was to befall them.

Apparently, a group of armed thugs had laid siege on the area in an apparent attempt to loot chicken. Come around midnight, they struck. Armed to the teeth, they cut the chain link fence, reached the poultry house and had started packing the birds in sacks when the guards heard them.

The security guards then shot at them and a fire exchange ensued. Apparently, the whole village, scared that they were under attack themselves, all woke up, screaming while others started praying and hoping against hope that they would not be caught in the crossfire.

After about 10 years of sporadic gunfire, dead silence engulfed the area and three suspected robbers lay dead alongside the sacks of chicken they had packed.

A security guard, who was on duty, narrated the incident.

“I was guarding at the gate and I heard the noise of chicken and decided to keep alert and immediately informed my colleagues. I saw armed robbers trying to steal chicken and then we fired bullets that left three of them dead,” he said.

“These robbers were quite many but we over powered them and killed three in self defense,” he added.


Kampala Metropolitan Police commander Luke Owoyesigire confirmed the incident.

“10 armed men are alleged to have attacked the farm and attempted to steal chicken but in the process of the robbery there was exchange of fire with the guards at the Poultry firm, hence killing three suspected robbers,” he said.

He said the bodies have not yet been identified and  all   were taken to Mulago Hospital for postmortem and investigations are on going.

He also said chicken that was going to be stolen was also recovered at the scene of crime in sacks and the hunt is still on for the rest of the team that is suspected to have been involved in the attempted robbery.







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