How Not to Waste Your Time While Online Dating

Although some people think online dating is super easy and a quick fix to finding love, this is mostly not the case. If you have tried it, you may know how time-consuming it can be to browse through profiles, answer multiple questions, respond to messages, engage in chats, plan for dates, and even drive many miles to meet a potential partner. What’s worse is when they turn not to be someone you would like to date, or you do not click with when you finally meet them. Unfortunately, some people are not serious about dating despite being on dating sites and apps, and you have to deal with them to find your love.

Here are some tips on how you can avoid wasting time while dating on the internet:

Choose the right app for your dating needs

The first way to save your time while looking for a partner online is to know what you need and identify the right app or site to achieve it. You may be looking for casual hookups, serious relationships, a person with similar interests as you, and so on. It is best to know which app will help you get what you want or waste time seeking to fulfill a particular relationship need where it is almost impossible. It would be best to look at some of these platforms and find out more about them to know their purpose before getting deep into using them.

Request to have a phone conversation or video call

After a few days of chatting or exchanging emails following your meeting online on a dating app or a site like Happymatches, you should request a phone call or a video chat with the potential date. While some people are uncomfortable with any of the options, they should accept. Otherwise, it will leave you with questions about whether they can be comfortable meeting you in person. Phone conversations help you assess if there is any connection between you and the date and to know what kind of a person they are, for example, if they are predatory or creepy. Video calls are even better because you get to see if the face on the profile picture is the same that you are engaging in the call with. You can save yourself lots of time by first having a phone or video call before meeting in person.

Check if they are serious about meeting soon

When you have been chatting with someone for a week or more, they should ideally have mentioned having a coffee date as soon as it is convenient for both of you. However, if they have not, maybe you should not be dating them because most likely they are not serious. Since they could also have been waiting for you, you can suggest a meeting. And if you realize they are not trying to get time for that in the next few weeks, you need to move on because they are not serious about dating you.


On top of the above tips, a quick Google search of your potential partner can enable you to know more than they are willing to put on their profile, and you can then gauge if they are worth your time. You may also analyze your chats with them, and if you realize they always give you monosyllabic answers, such as “yes,” “no,” and such, and they do not ask you questions, they are not interested in you.

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