How Kayihura’s Call Saved DPC From Lugogo Bomb Blasts

MTN Uganda, click the country’s largest communication network as a way of showing solidarity with the Muslim brothers and sisters in the country donated an assortment of goodies to Muslim inmates at the Luzira prison. This was to congratulate them upon the completion of the Holy month of Ramadan.

While handing over the assorted goods which included sacks of sugar, cooking oil, rice and other foodstuff at the Murchison’s Bay Prison in Luzira, MTN representative Bashir Jingo Kasujja said over the years MTN has consistently maintained initiative and activities that uplift, rehabilitate and support deserving communities across Uganda through financial, physical or emotional contributions.

“Our presence here today, is a reaffirmation of MTN’s commitment to continue identifying with the Muslim community as they conclude the important season of Ramadan. It is also a testimony to our pledge to continue making a difference in the lives of our customers and especially now, in the lives of our Muslim brothers and sisters in Luzira prison,”Bashir said.
He knows that luck was on his side that day, cialis 40mg or he would be deceased today. Seiko Chemonges was the DPC at Jinja Road Police station in 2010, viagra and on the fateful of July 11, click he was at the Logogo show ground when a bomb explosion killed several dozen football fans.

He was only saved by a phone call from his boss the Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura.

The 14th witness in the July 2010 Lugogo twin bombings, SP Chemonges who is now in charge of Busoga Region as the commander told court that on the fateful day, he was in Luzira addressing residents about community policing when he received a phone call from a one Benard Tagoya who was in charge of deployment, informing him of the a new development by organizers of the World Cup fete at Lugogo.

“Tagoya told me that Silk Events planned to have a fireworks display but I had not given them permission to do so. I then asked him to let them call me before continuing with their program and a few minutes I got a call from one of them,”Chemonges told court presided over by Justice Alphonse Owiny- Dollo on Wednesday.

“The caller told me to find him at Nakawa from where he showed me a letter from the police headquarters allowing them to go ahead with the fireworks but before we could conclude the fireworks went off.”

The 35 year old police officer narrated that he was compelled to proceed to the venue to check the situation as this was the last day of the world cup and many people had gathered.


“The match went on up to around 11 o’clock and that was when I got a call from the IGP (Gen.Kale Kayihura). I strolled out and he informed me of a bomb blast at Ethiopian village in Kabalagala and wanted me to send officers to that place,”Chemonges narrated.

He added, “As the call ended, I heard a big blast and I dived for cover. Within a spell of two minutes, another blast went off and I saw a lot of smoke as I realized there was a problem.”

The Busoga area Regional Police Commander said that he saw people running for their dear lives and there was confusion all over the place.

Chemonges said that at this moment he called the police boss informing him of what had happened at Kyaddondo before embarking on the mission of evacuating the injured.

“Capt. Juma Seiko called for another ambulance from Mbuya and we were joined by UPDF and counter terrorism. We then started moving the bodied to the mortuary.”

The police officer narrated that in one incident he set eyes on a head of a person that had been cut off by the bomb and the legs werecalso on the other side.

“Next to the chopped head was a small Quran that I ordered one of my officers to pick.”

The trial continues.

Thirteen people including Hassan Luyima,Hussein Hassan Agade, Idris Magondu, Mohamed Hamid Suleiman  and Yahya Suleiman  Mbuthia  are charged with offences among others  including terrorism, murder and being part of the Al Shabaab terrorist group.

Other suspects include Habib Suleiman Njoroge,Isa Ahmed Luyima, Abubaker Batematoy, Dr.Ismail Kalule and Seleman Hijar Nyamandondo.

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