How Besigye was Arrested at Entebbe Airport

Police on Monday morning in an unusual and daring mission arrested opposition strongman Dr. Kizza Besigye at Entebbe airport before driving him to his home in Kasangati.

Police had on Sunday afternoon warned they could not allow any procession by Besigye supporters along Entebbe road as it was unlawful.

As early as 5 am on Monday, buy information pills  both the police and the military had deployed heavily along Entebbe Road whereas the various trading centers and towns along the road including Zana, Kibuye and Abayita Ababiri had keen interest from the security personnel.

At Kitubulu, there was a roadblock mounted where every vehicle was stopped, searched and occupants asked to move out before being allowed to continue.

Towards the airport, heavy deployment increased and at the last check point everyone was subjected to a thorough check and only those with valid passports and visas were allowed to pass. For those with goods to pick at the airport had to present a pass before being allowed.

Journalists too were not speared in the ‘new’ operating procedure to the airport as none of these was allowed to access Uganda’s main airport.

Police and military asked journalists to present clearance from the Uganda Communications Commission before being allowed to access and use the airport.

Meanwhile, a few minutes after 9:30, new orders came and journalists were told police was to escort them up to Kampala from Entebbe and to confirm this, a patrol vehicle arrived ready to escort them.



As journalists were being escorted back to Kampala, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and other opposition bigwigs arrived with the news that Besigye had been arrested.

“We waited at the VIP lounge in vain and going to the ordinary side, we were told he had been arrested as the plane touched down and driven to an unknown destination,”Lukwago told journalists.

Police and the military on Entebbe Road
Police and the military on Entebbe Road

Police had managed to hoodwink his supporters who were waiting for him along the busy Entebbe highway.

Chimpreports through sources that preferred anonymity was told of how 2 counter terrorism policemen arrested Besigye and drove off with him to his home in Kasangati.

“After arresting him, they drove via the old airport usually used by President Museveni and the United Nations in a 6 vehicle convoy to his home,” the source told this website.

This was further confirmed by Besigye who revealed that 2 policemen dressed in Civil Aviation Authority uniform arrested him from the steps of the Kenyan Airways plane.

“They were waiting at the steps of the plane, this time putting on uniform of CAA and put me in an airport CAA vehicle,” Besiye told journalists at his home in Kasangati.

He added,” It is at the old airport that the police vehicles were parked and was pulled out of CAA to police vehicle.”

He narrated that they drove off up to Namulanda where the convoy dropped off the main road to a murram one along the Entebbe Express highway up to Nakawuka and then Busega roundabout.

Besigye said he was then driven along the Northern bypass up to Kalerwe roundabout before connecting to Gayaza road up to his home.

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