Hotel Owners Urged to Accept Local Currency

Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Hon Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi has called on hotel and lodge owners in the country to charge Ugandans in shillings.

The minister said charging Ugandans in foreign currencies is a disincentive to local tourists.

“We have had lots of meetings with hotel owners regarding the issue of charging Ugandans in US dollars,” he said.

“This festive season we want all Ugandans should pay to be charged in Uganda Shillings.”

Speaking to press in Kampala yesterday, Kiwanda said hoteliers were taking advantage of the fact that the country has few hotels to charge people in dollars.

Now that that more hotels have come up, he said competition is likely to bring the costs down.

“As a ministry we are very happy investors are investing more in hotels in and outside of Kampala meaning you can get a good hotel wherever you go and at a friendly price, and above, all pay in shillings,” he said.

The Ministry of Tourism together with the Uganda Tourism Board is encouraging Ugandans to tour the country under the Tulambule tourism campaign.

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