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Horror as Guests are Attacked by Armed Men near Serena Hotel

What had started as a day of celebration, turned into a terrifying evening for two friends who were coming from attending a workmate’s wedding ceremony at Lake Victoria Serena Hotel in Kigo, Entebbe.

As they drove from the hotel, according to a narrative by one of the victims who goes by the name Ma Tama on Twitter (we requested for her name through a Twitter message, we shall avail it when she replies), they encountered a “road block with about 6 army men.”

The attackers were wearing UPDF uniform and they had guns, according to Ma Tama.

The startling event occurred on Friday night.


Immediately after stopping them, Ma Tama said, “four men pounced on the car, one for each door,” and “they asked for our phones and money which we gave willingly.”

Aside from taking their property, Ma Tama said, they were “beaten” and a soldier at one moment threatened shooting Ma Tama on trying to withdraw a key from a bag they were requesting for, before handing it over.

As the festive season becomes more active with celebrations, police has warned members of the public to be security conscious since crime rate will be high as criminals target people, especially those who go partying knowing they have lots of money on them.

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