Horror as Girl, 7, is Kidnapped, Murdered in Makindye

Police have stepped up investigations into circumstances under which a 7-year-old girl was abducted by unknown people, raped and murdered in cold blood.

Dylan Karabo went missing on Thursday afternoon.

This was after being sent by her parents to buy curry powder from the shop in Makindye, a Kampala suburb.

Juliette Nakate, a close relation, said the girl “went missing at 1:00pm,” adding, “She was wearing a long sleeved pink T-shirt and grey leggings.’

Karabo’s picture was widely circulated on social media.

Police also quickly commenced investigations to trace her whereabouts.

It was later established that Karabo had been murdered.

Officials said Karabo did not even reach the shop where she was sent.


It appears strange people kidnapped Karabo along the way before disappearing with her.

Deputy Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire said the law enforcement body received a telephone call on Friday night alerting them about a dead body of a child in a trench in Makindye.

“We have now commenced investigations to identify and apprehend culprits behind this murder,” Owoyesigire was quoted as saying.

The victim was sexually abused, according to preliminary reports.

Cases of kidnaps in Kampala had subsided since security services waged a countrywide operation against criminal gangs in 2018.

Information from the Kidnap Response Centre indicates that by May 2018 there were 74 reported cases of kidnaps out of which 49 were from Greater Kampala.

The cases mentioned in 2018 include the kidnap and murder of Suzan Magara in, which a ransom was paid.

Several suspects have been remanded while others are still at large.

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