Hope Mwesigye Reconciles with Fr Gaetano

Tooro Kingdom newly appointed Prime Minister Hon. Bernard Tungwaho has vowed to prioritize the issue of the land disputes so as to bring harmony among the subjects in the kingdom.

Tungwaho was appointed Prime Minister Tooro Kingdom by Tooro King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru IV after his predecessor Stephen Kaliba resigned and announced that he is joining politics to contest as MP Fort Portal municipality.

King Oyo puts the Rukwanzi on Tungwaho
King Oyo puts the Rukwanzi on Tungwaho

During the swearing in ceremony held at Mucwa kingdom chambers in Fort Portal on Friday evening, treat http://clasharama.com/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-control.php Hon. Tungwaho vowed to settle the land cases and bring about sanity in the kingdom.

He said, viagra http://crfg.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack-jitm.php “I will set a committee to investigate issues related to land wrangles and this committee will also be charged with the responsibility of sensitizing the public on the advantages of acquiring land titles”

This follows several complains from the subjects that some kingdom officials were evicting them from their land and other charging them exorbitant fees as ground rent.

The new Premier kisses King Oyo's  hands after swearing in
The new Premier kisses King Oyo’s hands after swearing in

The prime minister also revealed that he would lobby funds and work tirelessly to establish projects to benefit the subjects of Tooro.

He added, order “I will struggle to reunite the subjects of Tooro and show them the right direction and love their King”.

Tooro Kingdom has been divided after Prince David Kijanangoma Araali declared himself as rebel king of Tooro, causing two factions, one loyal to king Oyo and another to David Kijanangoma.


In his speech, King Oyo argued the new prime minister to emulate the deeds of the former prime ministers and focus at developing the kingdom together with all the other stakeholders.

Tungwaho and his wife hail from Kitagwenda
Tungwaho and his wife hail from Kitagwenda County 

“I thank Hon. Stephen Kaliba for the good work done for the Kingdom and also commend the past prime ministers like David Kasagama, John Sanyu Katuramu, Stephen Rwakijuma, Late Nyakatura William and Amos Mugisa among others for striving to develop this kingdom” Said King Oyo.

The King also announced Mr. Stephen Tinka as 2nd Deputy Prime minister but retained Hon. Harriet Nyakake as 1st Deputy Prime Minister.

The new Premier Bernard Tungwaho Ateenyi, 62, is a former central government civil servant in the Ministry of Finance who retired 10 years back and is currently a private business man.

He hails from Kitagwenda County, Kamwenge district but has a residence in Gweri parish,  Karambi sub county, in Kabarole
Former Agriculture Minister Hon. Hope Mwesigye has said the disagreements she had with Kitanga Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda are finally over, information pills http://ciudad-deporte.com/wp-admin/includes/noop.php Chimp Corps report.

Early in 2010, for sale http://citybreakguide.ro/wp-includes/feed.php during her rallies, cheap the former Kabale Woman Member of Parliament attacked Father Gaetano, suggesting that the serving Roman Catholic Priest should get himself a wife to make him “busy and happy.”

Speaking Sunday at the official opening of St Augustine Catholic Church Kitanga catholic parish in Rwamucuucu sub-county, Kabale diocese, Mwesigye revealed that she has fully reconciled with Gaetano and that they will work together.

“My Lord Bishop I want to inform you that the disagreements I had with Fr. Gaetano are no more,” said Mwesigye, a sister of presidential hopeful, Amama Mbabazi’s wife, Jacqueline Mbabazi.

“My lord Bishop I have just learnt that Fr. Gaetano is my cousin Brother,” she added.

“We will not join hands to develop Kabale and our great country Uganda.”

At that juncture, Fr. Gaetano walked from the tent of the clergy before hugging Mwesigye amidst a thunderous handclap from the Christians.

She also revealed her intentions to stand as Woman Member of Parliament in the 2016 general elections.

“People have been asking me why I have not declared my stand come 2016 elections. Now, let me ask you, should I stand in the next general elections?” Mwesigye inquired.

The gathering responded in the affirmative.

“Since you have given me a green light, I have no reason not to represent you in Parliament,” she added.

Mwesigye is one of the top strategists of Amama Mbabazi’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Her reconciliation with Gaetano could tilt the ground in her favour in the upcoming elections considering that the church fought hard to defeat her in the 2011 polls.

Mwesigye, a powerful NRM official was humiliated by a little known MP Rhona Ninsiima.

Gaetano is attached to the opposition Democratic Alliance that seeks to remove President Museveni from power in the 2016 elections.

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