Minister Sarah Opendi; Do Not Ignore Sickle Cell Disease

The State Minister for Health Hon Sarah Opendi has urged Ugandans to stop ignoring sickle cells disease’s and take it as serious as it is.

“Many of us have always neglected the subject of sickle cell but am happy that we can now talk about it openly for our people to pick a thing or two about it, which will help us completely wipe out this diseases”

The minister was today speaking at Bulange Mengo where the Prime Minister of Buganda handed over 110million to Center Health Public Laboratories to help the in the fight against sickle cell.

The money was collected from this year’s annual Kabaka Run.

“I thank Buganda for donating to this good cause and ask all other cultural institutions to come out and help in the fight against the sickle cell disease”.

Currently it’s estimated by the Ministry of Health that 6million people are living with sickle cell while many others have not even tested.

“We are still educating people and trying to talk them into doing away with the myths surrounding it like associating it with witch craft”

She also revealed that the ministry of health wants to put up functional health units in all districts that cater for people suffering from Sickle cell disease instead of them being referred to big hospitals all the time.


Sickle cell remains the leading cause of child mortality in Uganda.



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