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Hoima: Museveni Fetches Go Forward Firebrand Akweteireho

The East African Legislative Assembly has called on the Partner States to commence the process of uniformly abolishing work and residence permit fees as well as in the facilitation of portability of social benefits.

In the same vein, hospital http://cosmeticscop.com/wp-admin/includes/class-theme-upgrader.php the Assembly is set to work jointly with regional advocacy bodies to engage in sensitization and popularization of the Common Market Protocol among other related issues.

The Assembly on Wednesday debated and adopted the Report of the Committee on General Purpose on the petition to EALA regarding work/residence permits in the EAC for the citizens of the Partner States.

The Report presented by Hon Dr Odette Nyiramilimo, http://charadas.org/wp-includes/class-wp-locale.php Chair of the Committee indicates that a number of areas of co-operation and implementation of the Common Market Protocol remain in the remit of individual Partner States and thus calls for advocacy to enable harmonization at the regional level.

According to the EAC Secretariat, http://coachypnose.fr/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack-cli.php the Committee further observed that the issue of portability of social benefits is key and undertakes to continue work with the East African Trade Union Confederation (EATUC) and the East African Employers Association (EAEO), who are drafting a Bill on the same.

The issue of portability of social benefits is already been discussed bilaterally among some Partner States.

In addition, EALA is to formalize its engagement with the East African Business Council and other private sector players in the region.

The said petition was presented to the EALA Speaker, Rt. Hon Daniel Fred Kidega by the East African Trade Union Confederation and the East African Employers Association in March 2015.


The annex, according to the petitioners should put in place a roadmap for the gradual implementation of free labour mobility which eventually comprises all sectors and all categories of blue and white collar workers.

Furthermore, the petitioners want the new revised annex to put in place a tripartite mechanism (Employers, Trade Unions and Government) at the EAC level and should be administered at national level through the tripartite fora.

The petitioners also want the standardization of the process of the work permits and the eventual removal of the permits.

Hon Peter Mathuki also supported the report
Hon Peter Mathuki also supported the report

At debate time, Hon Martin Ngoga called for the harmonization of the procedures of acquiring permits while Hon Susan Nakawuki said Partner States should not be seen to be introducing barriers that hamper process of acquisition of the permits.

Hon Dr James Ndahiro remarked that though the Common Market Protocol had many benefits, citizens of the region continued to face a myriad of challenges.

He remarked that it was necessary for EAC Partner States to prioritize integration.

Hon Dora Byamukama congratulated the Secretary General of the Community for introducing the EAC Scorecard on the Common Market Protocol remarking that it enabled the region to take stock of the on-going developments.

The legislator called for the speedy harmonization of the student visa fees across board as a way of introducing equal opportunities.

Hon Christophe Bazivamo remarked that in the Republic of Rwanda, it took 3 days to process and issue a permit and about 12 hours to register a company.  Furthermore, the work permit fees for East Africans has been abolished.

“If the cost of issuing permits is high, it is not developmental. It stops people from coming to work, to invest and to develop,” he added.

Hon Abdullah Mwinyi urged the Partner States to adhere to the Protocol and to the principle of non-discrimination of EAC citizens when it comes to enjoying privileges.

On his part, Hon Chris Opoka said it was vital for Partner States to analyse the percentage of revenues earned from work permits vis a vis what investment realized from the opportunities created would bring.

It costs USD 3000 for a work permit in some of the Partner States which is high compared to say USD 155 in a developed country like Canada”, he said.   “If it is about revenue, we can earn much more if people work and they get taxed,” he added.

Hon Shyrose Bhanji urged the Partner States to take advantage of opportunities of the Common Market Protocol.

Others who supported the report were Hon Valerie Nyirahabineza, Hon Peter Mathuki, Hon Bernard Mulengani and Hon Nancy Abisai.

The Minister for EAC, Uganda, Hon Shem Bageine said the Council was committed to addressing all outstanding issues with regards to the Common Market Protocol and said Partner States had identified laws in the Partner States which need to comply to the EAC Laws.
NTV Uganda crew resumes its coverage of President Museveni’s campaign trail on Thursday following a row with State House over drone footage.

The team will be led by Maurice Ochol – a Makerere University trained journalist.

The broadcaster was last week kicked out of Museveni’s campaign trail for refusing to air drone footage of the ruling party’s rallies.

State House argued then that the footage was always authentic and clearly showed the president’s political strength ahead of the 2016 elections.

However, viagra 40mg http://chatterblast.com/wp-includes/class-wp-feed-cache-transient.php led by content manager Daniel Kalinaki, story NTV reasoned that broadcasting drone pictures gave undue advantage to the incumbent against rival candidates.

But Museveni’s team said Kalinaki had scores to settle with the president and that they could not accept being mistreated by NTV simply because of NRM’s superior technology.

The matter generated a heated debate on social media platforms with some arguing that the state was arm-twisting NTV for better coverage.

Others said the opposition should as well buy drones to compete with NRM.

Inside Story

Highly placed sources told ChimpReports on Friday that following behind-the-scenes talks with State House officials, rx the broadcaster agreed to air NRM drone footages.

However, NTV insisted that the footages would be labelled ‘PPU’ to show the source.

Efforts by some NTV managers to remove Ochol from the field did not bear fruit.

State House said its security was too busy to vet other journalists as the campaigns came to a close.

NTV boss Aggie Konde had provided names of journalists including Emma Mutaizibwa to replace Ochol.

Ochol and his team start work today in Kiboga where Museveni is beginning another round of campaigns in the central region.

NRM campaign media team on Thursday received a communication to “Expect to be rejoined by the NTV crew effective tomorrow, led by Ochol.”

It added: “The NTV managers have, in principle, agreed to be accurate, fair, and balanced in their coverage of the NRM Presidential candidate.”

Officials further said NTV pledged “… not, again, seek to undermine or disrupt the candidate’s campaign publicity program.”
Hoima Municipality was the centre of fierce clashes among NRM supporters during the internal primaries.

The area is known for hardliners such as retired NRA historical Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligoza, this http://companyimpact.com/joslondon/wp-content/plugins/vslider/vslider.php Henry Kajura and Jonathan Akweteireho among others.

When president Museveni visited Hoima on Wednesday, sales at least 100 defectors from opposition were registered.

The big fish was Akweteireho who served as Masindi Go Forward Chairperson.

He was instrumental in preaching the Go Forward manifesto in the area, recruiting youth and carrying out quiet door-to-door mobilisation.

The political firebrand with a journalism background won the hearts of Banyoro by using social media to campaign for good roads and better health services.

His harsh criticism of incompetence in public service delivery recently landed him in jail, sparking public fury.

On being released, Akweteireho did not relent. The opposition-leaning journalist continued the fight.

Observers were amazed by Akweteireho’s presence at Museveni’s rally at Boma Grounds in Hoima on Wednesday.

He told the people of Hoima that since government was addressing his concerns, he would support it.

“We have been telling people that if government does not build the Kigumba-Kyenjojo road we shall not vote,” said Akweteireho.

He quickly added: “But government has built the road. There is nothing more we want. We are now convincing other people to come back to the NRM,” he said.

Meanwhile, President Museveni also received over 100 people who had crossed to the NRM from Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and Go Forward following clandestine activities by the Team Thorough –YKM.

Jonathan Akweteireho has left Go Forward to Museveni's camp
Jonathan Akweteireho has left Go Forward to Museveni’s camp


President Museveni who is also the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Presidential flag bearer has warned local government leaders against corruption saying it frustrates service delivery to the people.

Speaking at a campaign rally held at Boma grounds in Hoima Municipality in Hoima district, Museveni called upon district leaders to be vigilant and fight corruption so that services are delivered to the people.

“When a farmer stores his millet and rats keep stealing it does not mean the farmers should give up farming. You must continue farming and look for methods to kill the rats. You must put a cat to catch the rats. During the colonial times, there was a sub county chief but this was replaced by LC III. We also have the LCV chairman at the district. These are the people to catch the rats that steal money meant for service delivery,” he said.

He asked the district leaders to always explain to the people the different projects they do with the funds sent to the district from the central government.

The President noted that in the last five years alone, government increased the length of paved national roads from 3,264km in 2010/11 to 4000km in 2015.

Overall, the national road network increased from 10,500km in 2011 to 21,000km in 2013/14 representing a 5 percent increase.

Museveni reiterated his commitment to fight corruption
Museveni reiterated his commitment to fight corruption

“In the 2016-2021 NRM manifesto, we are saying we are going to add 2000km to make it 6000km of tarmac. Of the 4000km, some of the roads are found in Bunyoro for example the Busunju-Kiboga-Kafu-Hoima road,” he said.

He also promised to tarmac the Kigumba-Masindi-Hoima-Kagadi road, Hoima-Kigorobya-Biso-Butiyaba-Wanseko road, Biso-Masindi road and Rwentunyu-Masindi-Apac-Lira road.

He also said Hoima district would be given a road unit.

“The municipality roads are being done with money from the World Bank but we shall bring road units for each district to do the village and municipality roads,” he said.

Candidate Museveni promised to boost the electricity supply in Hoima.

“We are building a huge dam of 600 megawatts at Karuma. That is three times more than the electricity produced at Jinja. Government is also building a 183 megawatt dam at Isimba and 84 megawatt dam at Ayago. All these dams are in Bunyoro-Acholi region,” he said.

On unity, Candidate Museveni advised the people of Hoima against sectarianism if they are to develop.

“When the Bachwezi disappeared 500 years ago, Uganda went into war between kingdoms. When the colonialists came, they also failed to stabilize Uganda for 70 years. Obote and Amin in came and wars continued. Now Uganda has peace because the NRM has taught against religious and tribal sectarianism. Electricity is for all. It does not have a religion neither does it have a tribe,” he said.

President Museveni also called upon the people to work hard and chase poverty from their homes.

“Development is the work of government. Your role as a person is to fear God, bring wealth into your homes, live responsibly so that you do not catch HIV/AIDS and leave your children to suffer and lastly to support the NRM government,” he said. He promised to continue to support the wealth creation funds by increasing their funding.


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