Hitches That Traveling Women Have to Deal With on the Road

A 2016 study at last removed all doubt on the fact that women today travel more than men. Yes, women have come to outnumber men in leisure travel.

Nearly two-thirds of travelers today are women, according to the George Washington University School of Business.

The study found that many of these women travel solo or exclusively with other women; and it’s not just retiring nesters but women from all generations.

While this is the case, traveling for women may be as lay-back as it is for men, as it may require much more preparation. In this peace Pamela Amia takes you through some of the essentials for every woman that is about to hit the road.


Keeping yourself healthy and maintaining your hygiene are two of the most important aspects of traveling and sometimes it’s so hard to ensure. This is especially when there are many other segments of life that you have to maintain concurrently.

That demands therefore a litany of products to pack, and drills to maintain like daily showers, hair washing etc.

You get to envy guys at times, who will at times need a travel kit that contains no more than a toothbrush and a bar of soap . No bottles of shampoo, no conditioners, nothing.



Must we talk about this? May be not. All you need to know is that you don’t want to be dripping when you are miles away from civilization, unprepared. More importantly, periods can be treacherously hard to predict. So, even when you are camping a few hours from a town where you can run and get pads; it has a way of messing with your plot. So, park up girl.


This is key for solo travelers. This may sound obvious, but wandering too far away from your camp or hotel sometime times can be precariously counteractive. Always be sure that you are able rush back to base when you must. And while out there, be mindful of the people around you.

Women navigate a different world than men. Finding the balance between being a shrewd traveler and an alarmist individual is tricky.  But I for one, I never want to put myself in sketchy situations.


Have you been in a situation where you had to pretend that you were married to avoid any dilemma? I have.

For women, traveling especially for the first time, it may come off rather difficult getting used to being treated differently…may be with less respect than you are accustomed to. You must be able to adjust and to always be prepared for the worst.

As much as possible, avoid getting into trouble with people. Make sure your room is locked while in or out.

Before I go to sleep in a hotel I check every single corner of the room, under the bed, in the bathroom, everywhere.


Wearing “decently” in most parts of Uganda and Africa is often a necessity.  You don’t want to be labeled disrespectful in your most comfortable attire. That might mean carrying extra clothing.


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