High Court Upholds NRM’s Butambala Victory

Kampala High Court Judge Joseph Murangira has today maintained that NRM’s Godfrey Kyeswa Bavekuno is the validly elected Chairperson of Butambala district.

The judge today dismissed the election petition which was filed in court By Rashida Namboowa challenging the victory of Kyeswa where she alleged that Kyeswa bribed voters throughout all his campaigns.

Justice Murangira held that Namboowa’s petition was not well composed due to lack of supporting evidence having struck out all the 89 accompanying affidavits for not being signed by a commissioner of oaths as required by law.

The judge further ruled that the said 89 affidavits were not filed in accordance with the Illiterates Protection Act whereby in his findings it was the translator who signed the affidavits on behalf of the illiterate deponents.

Justice Murangira also faulted Namboowa for having not addressed first her complaints which she claims were committed by Kyeswa during campaigns to the Electoral commission yet the commission has powers to handle them at that level.

The judge then dismissed the petition and awarded costs to Kyeswa which Namboowa has to meet.

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