High Court to Rule on Another Age Limit Case on Tuesday

Kampala High Court Deputy Registrar Joy Kabagye has set   tomorrow Tuesday to deliver a ruling on a matter in which a city advocate seeks orders stopping parliament from proceeding to amend Article 102 (b) of the Constitution without first translating the Constitution in all local languages

Jackson Ntwatwa of Asinguza and Company Advocates in his application before  court, claims that it’s government’s duty  as enshrined in Article 4 to translate the Constitution from English to all  local  languages,  which can easily  be read, understood and interpreted by all citizens before making changes in it.

Ntwata contends that the act of only 436 MPs sitting and deciding on behalf of 37 million Ugandans to amend the constitution should be halted.

The advocate was expecting to get a ruling on his application today but the court’s assistant registrar was not ready, and pushed it to tomorrow.

Ntwatwa said if the ruling doesn’t go his way tomorrow and parliament passes the amendment, he will proceed to the Constitutional Court to have it declared null and void.

Towards the end of last week the same court Registrar dismissed an interim application by 3 political party leaders who wanted to block the process of amending the Constitution without first consulting citizens through a Referendum.

In her ruling, Kabagye pointed out that parliament is an independent arm of government entitled with  a duty of making laws.

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