High Court Declines To Release Kipoi On Bail

High Court judge, Jane Francis Abodo has declined to grant bail to former Bubulo West MP Hon Tonny Kipoi Nsubuga pending the hearing of his constitutional petition in which he challenges reinstating of charges against him in the Army Court yet the DPP had withdrawn them in the High court.

The judge ruled today that she was dismissing the application on grounds that Kipoi is being charged with matters related to security before the General Court martial, which High Court can’t interfere with.

The judge added that for High Court to grant bail to the former MP, the matter must be before this same court or in a lower court under its jurisdiction.

This ruling was delivered in the absence of Kipoi and the state was also unrepresented. Only the applicant’s lawyer, Ronald Iduuli was present.

Addressing press after court’s decision, Kipoi’s Iduuli said ever since he joined legal practice, this was one of the cases with the highest level of human rights violation he has handled.

“I have witnessed a lot of unfair treatment to my client which has not been openly condemned by the concerned authorities,” Iduuli said.

On 3rd February 2018, Kipoi was arrested in Botswana on allegations of masquerading as a witch doctor and fraud and was deported back to Uganda.

On 19th March 2018 he was arraigned before the General Court martial where he was charged with offences relating to security with other UPDF soldiers


He is currently on remand at Makindye Military Barracks Prison

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