Herbert Shonga Accuses Wife Of Sexually Starving Him

City businessman Herbert Shonga came out to defend himself after word had gone viral that he is a sex maniac.
Hebert had been exposed by his wife Dorothy Shonga who accused him of over wanting sex every after two days reason he cheats on her with every skirt that passes.
During a Facebook video a few days ago, Hebert made a comment on the particular issue in self defense.
“Every man has different sexual needs. If you know your man can not go two days without sex then what have you done about it?” Hebert stated as if alleging that Dorothy was not meeting his sex urges.
He added,”If your husband is that way then you sort yourself.”
The jilted lovers have been at war in their marriage for weeks now; Dorothy claiming that the husband has refused to sign divorce papers as she is tired of his disrespect.
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