Help Your Child Improve their Grades, Here is How



A poor report is a discomfort to both the parent and child. In most cases performing poorly isn’t about the child being dull, it could be a result of little efforts neglected at school or maybe mediocre guidance from teachers as well.

Margaret Tumusiime, a teacher and counseling physiologist, gives tips on how to help children improve their poor grades at school.

Change their mindset

Everyone has the potential to excel highly in class. Your child may be failing because they have   an inappropriate mentality towards school. Help them into believing they can do better. Help them develop an open mind and encourage them to work hard to achieve their dreams.

Ask teachers for help

Parent-teacher relationship is very important for a child. Ask the teachers to give your child more attention and to help them improve.

Have honest conversations with the kids

Instead of yelling at the child and reminding them of their failure every day, advise them to be more attentive in class. This will help them grasp all the teacher teaches hence doing better.


Put more effort in their weak subjects

Sometimes children concentrate and pay more attention on the subjects they love and excel in hence neglecting other subjects. Help them balance their subjects and give much time to those (subjects) they fail to have balanced grades in.

Help them make good friends

“Tell me your friend and I will tell you who you are”, some children perform poorly because of the kind of friends they have. Get to know who their friends are and how good of friends they can be with your own.

Advise them to make friends with children who love studying and those who are better in other subjects so that they help them improve in their studies.

Monitor if your child take notes in class

Some children don’t take notes in class and when its revision time, they have nothing to read.  Check their books when they come back home, help them make summary notes too.

Make a time table

Have a well-drawn and balanced time table which the child should respect. Allocate the subjects equally, help them read their notes and research as much as possible. Teach them to read continuously not to wait until exams are approaching.

As much as playtime is essential, parents need to have some time to go through school work with the children, it’s a beneficial bond.

Feed them on healthy food

You should feed your children on healthy foods that boost their brain development and well being, and give them energy to study, foods like; posho, beans, fish vegetables, milk and incorporate taking plenty of water into their daily routine.

Revise with them

Some children will read better with someone’s guidance, revise with them and clarify on the topics they don’t understand. Also, children feel more comfortable unveiling their weaknesses to parents than teachers, so look out for those loopholes and discuss them extensively.

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