Hellen Lukoma Reveals Guy Behind Her Engagement

Controversial singer Hellen Lukoma has been headlining news for being engaged to an unknown man who many claim to be a city tycoon.

The pencil-thin singer has of recent been adorning herself with a diamond engagement ring which has raised eyebrows among fans with many thinking she has finally waved bye to singlehood.

However while premiering her latest video at Napoleon Ehmah’s comedy show; the actress assured many that the ring was just an accessory like any other.

Helen showing off her ring and brand new car

“I just bought it (ring) on the way, and I am speaking the truth. As I said I am a virgin as long as no one has taken me to church or mosque, I don’t know what you are talking about, I am single,” she said.

When asked if she was open for any relation, Lukoma added that only a brave man could go in for her.

“Anyone who is not scared of blasting a bomb on themselves is allowed to come date me,” she laughed out loud before premiering her song.

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