Heineken Rewards its Consumers

President Yoweri Museveni has said that government will in the next financial year  allocate more funds towards the promotion of agriculture through the wealth creation campaign.

He said this would ensure that enough seedlings, clinic breeding stocks as well as farm tools and input have reached the majority of the households in the country.

He explained that this has been necessitated by the fact that many of Ugandan homesteads have embraced the message to shift from subsistence to commercial agriculture leading to the increasing demand for agricultural inputs.

The President made the revelation at public rallies he addressed at Maziba Sub-County and at Buhara in Ndorwa East County in Kabale district on Sunday.

He said that from his recent national tours under the wealth creation campaign, he has noticed the growing demand for agricultural inputs from the wealth creation officers that is not matched by what is provided for in the budget.

He, therefore, said that enough funds will be allocated to the sector to cover more families countrywide.

He explained that enough funds could not be allocated in the previous budget because, on top of the overlapping national priorities and this being an election year, a sizable amount of funds has been allocated to conducting of elections right from the national to the grass roots levels.

“After the elections, enough money will be available and will be injected into NAADS to provide seedlings and breeding stock to cover more families,” he said, adding, “at least I am happy about the thirst the people are showing in the demand for inputs which shows that our message to adopt commercial agriculture, has sunk into the population and I can assure you the government will respond positively.”


The President, who was accompanied on his tour of Ndorwa East by the Prime Minister, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda, several ministers and the Ndorwa East MP, Wilfred Niwagaba, urged the population to differentiate between development and wealth.

He said that government may provide the entire necessary development infrastructure but if the population does not utilize them to generate wealth citizens will remain poor.

“I came on a tarmac road from Rwakitura up to Kabale and electricity was available all through. Are you saying that there are no poor people next to that tarmac road? You will find poor people living alongside a tarmac road and electricity meaning there is much more that citizens need to do,” he said.

The President, who had earlier commissioned a newly constructed pineapple wine processing plant that makes wine from locally grown pineapples, appealed to the population to engage in profit-oriented commercial agriculture.

He informed them that modern life demands that on top of having food, one needs money for other domestic needs; the reason subsistence agriculture should be abandoned for modern commercial agriculture.

The President strongly cautioned the people of Kabale against land fragmentation which he said has already taken a toll on agricultural productivity of the district.

He asked family heads to stop fragmenting land on account of poor inheritance rights and noted that continued fragmentation of land, posed a great danger to the future of agriculture and may result in irreversible human disaster such as hunger and famine.

“Land has been fragmented on account of bad human settlement; land is not for sleeping on and having individual homesteads. It’s for production and wealth generation,” he told the rallies.

On education, he warned against levying fees in UPE and USE schools but urged parents to pack lunch for their children.

“National Resistance Movement cannot exercise hypocrisy on its people by lying that it will provide lunch for the children in UPE and USE schools. Government will do the rest; let parents provide lunch to their children after all even if they were not at school, they would feed them,” he said.

He assured the citizens that the country is safe and secure and that their security and that of their property is guaranteed as the UPDF is very strong and ready to secure the entire country. He advised the population to go on with their business.
In a bid to give back to its customers, and Heineken on Friday 19th June 2015 rewarded its customers with green sofa sets. The ceremony which took place at Heineken offices in Kampala saw five lucky clients receive inflatable champions league sofa sets from Heineken’s Uganda National sales Manager Nathan Akandwanaho assisted by Steven Baryevuga, stuff the PR Team Leader.

Jackie Nyakato, Emmanuel Ssewankabo, Patrick Amayo, Patrick King and Isaac Lumu are the five clients that were rewarded from this promotion in which Capital Shoppers Ntinda, Game stores in Lugogo, Nakumatt Oasis mall and shoprite Lugogo were among the participating retail stores.

Isaac Lumu receives a Sofa set from the Heineken National Sales Manager.
Isaac Lumu receives a Sofa set from the Heineken National Sales Manager.

“We are a brand that believes in giving back to our supporting consumers.” Akandwanaho said. “These winners today are a proof of our commitment to continue giving our customers the best enjoyment and quality from our products,” he added

The sofa sets reward promotion started off in March and was concluded with a Heineken sponsored UEFA champions league campaign dubbed “champion the Match” where soccer lover were treated to VIP treat by the brewers on match nights,

According to Akandwanaho, Heineken has other consumer promotions coming up in the next months like the Rugby World Cup of which they are a sponsor.

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