Hectic UK Visa Process Infuriates Cedric Babu

The unending hectic and long procedure for applying for a British visa in Uganda has annoyed the Kinetic Management boss Cedric Babu who termed it as “out of order”.

In a social media post, the “Beneath the Lies” actor, railed at the British High Commission in Uganda for denying applicants a chance to defend their visas, wondering if it is not a human right.

“Is it not their human right to answer any queries you may have. On what basis can you decline a visa application because ‘you feel’? You destroy plans, people’s futures” he said.

Babu further questioned why the British High Commission makes visas from South Africa, yet they “built a multimillion pound embassy” in the Pearl of Africa.

He also called on the embassy to repay the applicant’s visa fees in case they don’t get permitted to be have one.

“If you do deny someone a visa, at least have the courtesy to refund their money. That’s extortion!” he said.

To show his rage, the businessman asked the government to make justice for the grieving Ugandans.

“I feel that the Uganda government should follow the exact process that the British use. Take their passports to France for 3 weeks deny most of their visas and keep the fees.”


Cedric is not the only Ugandan who has questioned the British way of giving visa’s as comedian Salvador was also last year denied a visa that made him miss out on his London show

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