Hearing of Muslim Clerics Resumes Amidst Tight Security

Amidst heavy deployment at the Kampala High Court, try hearing of the case where 14 Muslims, decease — most of them clerics, including head of Tabliq Leader Sheikh Yunus Kamoga — who are accused of murdering fellow clerics resumed today, with the ninth prosecution witness pinning the accused for participating in the crimes.

Hearing of this case was halted on 1st November this year due to financial constraints which could not enable them to transport witnesses and financing other items required in hearing of the matter

The witness Charles Mandrama, a police doctor who examined the health conditions of the two accused persons Amir Kinene and Hakeem Kinene took to the stand and informed court that he found the duo to be mentally sound and with no physical injuries.

However drama unfolded in court when Mandrama failed to show court the exact people he claimed to have examined. The witness apparently pointed to the wrong to the wrong persons when invited by the defense lawyer McDusman Kabega to reveal the two.

The senior state Attorney Linno Anguzo asked for an adjournment until tomorrow Tuesday, saying that they expected two witnesses but one didn’t make it.

The three international war crimes judges Ezikiel Muhanguzi, Percy Tuhaise and Jane Kiggundu adjourned further hearing of this matter to tomorrow.

Prosecution contends that the leader of Tablique sect sheikh Mohammed Yunus Kamoga with 13 others and others still at large between December 2013 and June 2014 at various places in Kampala, with malice aforethought unlawfully caused the death of two Sheikhs.

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