Health Sector Needs as More Funds as Security – Justice Ogoola

The former Principal Judge of the High Court of Uganda, illness Justice James Ogoola has expressed concern over the deteriorating health care system in Uganda and cast the blame on government for absconding its responsibility. He cited the deep rooted corruption which he said has exacerbated the inefficiencies facing the health sector.

Justice Ogoola was speaking Thursday during the opening of the Grande Doctors’ Conference held at Imperial Royale Hotel, organized by the Uganda Medical Association (UMA).

The 3 day conference is themed on implementation of sustainable development goals in Uganda and the role of the health providers.

“The state has a profound stake in providing efficient and quality health care for its populace. And this shouldn’t be an act of charity but rather contractual since people pay taxes to government,” said Justice Ogoola.

He accused government of relinquishing provision of health care to the private sector. According to him, Uganda suffers a hemorrhage of trained specialists due to brain drain among other challenges like corruption and patients leaving Uganda to get medical treatment abroad.

“There can be no greater priority for a nation other than the lives of its people. The national security budget should give guidance to the health sector. We must rid the system of corruption that led to the swindling of Global Funds back in the day,” he added.

The State Minister of Health for Primary Health Care Hon. Joyce Moriku who officiated as chief guest hailed medics for forming a uniting body (UMA) to deliberate on issues affecting the medical profession. She also acknowledged their patriotism by serving Ugandans even with less pay.

“To enhance better service delivery, the age retirement for medical personnel should be extended so the senior staff can guide the young medics. I promise to support your petition on duty facilitation fee once it’s tabled in Parliament,” the Minister told about 300 medical practitioners who participated in the conference.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) representative to Uganda Dr. Wonimagegnehu Alemu and Uganda’s former Vice President Dr. Specioza Kazibwe also attended.

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