Health Science University Set to Offer Business Courses

After spending 10 years in training health professionals, International Health Sciences University is opening its gate to offer other courses in different fields such as Business training.

The business courses will be taught under the new School of Business and Applied Technology (SOBAT).

Addressing the media at the University premises in Namuwongo, Kampala the chairman of Clarke Group and promoter of SOBAT, Dr Ian Clarke said that there is need for the University to offer other programs that are crucial to the youth apart from focusing on health programs.

“The reason for broadening the University from purely health sciences to business   is that as an entrepreneur I have found that new graduates are mostly unsuitable for employment because they have been trained in theory which they cannot apply. That is why we are coming up with this program which will empower youth with practical skills that are demanded on the market,” he explained.

He added that on many occasions he has been receiving complaints from the private sector complaining on the quality of Ugandan students trained in Business related courses.

Clarke noted that the private sector has been finding it difficult to hire Ugandan professionals especially in marketing even though the graduates have qualifications in marketing.

“That is why as a university we are coming up with SOBAT; our program is designed to be practical based. Our students  will be working directly  with the business people  so that  when  a student graduates  he/she has a source  practical  understanding  of what  they have  been trained,” he defended the University’s business program.

What are some of the courses to the taught under the SOBAT?


According to Prof. Jamie MacAlister, the director of SOBAT, they are going to start with Bachelor of Business Administration starting in April and postgraduate Diploma in Health Technology innovation starting February 2018 and other related courses.

He noted that for  Uganda to achieve its development goals especially tracking prosperity for all, there’s need  for the youth to have access to quality education especially in the fields of Business related ones since Uganda  is among the country’s whose youth are entrepreneurs.

To support the SOBAT program, the university management is offering a discount of 25% tuition fees on application for either the bachelors or the postgraduate diplomas received before 15th January.




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