Health Ministry Needs Shs5.4B To Recruit Specialists For Regional Referral Hospitals

The Ministry of Health needs Shs5.4 billion to recruit specialists for the 13 regional referral hospitals and the 14 general hospitals in the public sector.

This was revealed by Jane Ruth Aceng, the Health Minister during today’s plenary session.

While relaying a ministerial statement, Aceng observed that “apparently there is a gap of 219 Clinical Specialists and 550 support cadres at the above mentioned levels that urgently need to be fixed for efficient service delivery.”

She further noted that whereas plans are underway to review structural constraints affecting lower health facilities and regional referral hospitals, government needs to enhance salaries of medical personnel in order to attract and retain them.

According to her, a considerable number of professionals are ditching their jobs in pursuit of lucrative careers in academia.

At a glance, averagely a professor earns shs 9,150,000 while a senior consultant scoops Shs 4,500,000 despite having comparable training and years of experience.

More so, a lecturer earns Shs7,013, 324 wile a principal medical officer takes home shs3,750,000.

Overall, the number of qualified medical personnel has drastically increased from a paltry 90,412 in 101,350 as of June 2018 according to Ministry of Health statistics.


Apparently Uganda has six national referral hospitals including the likes of Kawempe, Kiruddu, Naguru, Upper Mulago and Butabika specializing in different areas.

she also called for enhanced health funding saying that apparently, the monies allocated for purchase of medicines and related supplies are not at par with Uganda’s ever increasing population.

“Overtime the Government of Uganda Medicines and Health Supplies (EMHS) allocation has been increasing from Shs202 billion in FY 2O1O to Shs.284 billion in FY 20L7/L8.

However, the budget increases for EMHS are not in tandem with the population growth over the years,” Aceng says.

Health Sector Funding

Comparably, each Health Centre II is allocated shs5,395,450 annually translating into shs900,000 for every two months for a population of approximately 5,000 while a general hospital is allocated shs77,610,810 which translates into shs13,000,0001 for every two months as a referral to cater for a population of 500,000 according to statistics from the health minister.

Overall, 132 sub-counties, town councils and divisions all over the country have no health facility.

These counties include; Abim and Moroto in Alebtong district, Labwor in Abim district, Buhweju in Buhweju district and Buvuma Islands amongst many others.

Ambulance and emergency response system

Deducting from this ministerial paper, Jane Ruth Aceng says that on top of owning 173 ambulances government needs to purchase 400 to help address the issue of basic emergency response.

According to stipulated standards one ambulance should cater for one hundred thousand people something that Uganda is yet to achieve.

As such, the ministry is planning purchase 5 type B ambulances for island districts with each going for approximately 350,000 to 400,000 USD.


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