Health Ministry Explains Why MP Nambooze Was Denied Treatment Clearance

Ministry of Health has confirmed that it denied Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Hon Betty Nambooze Bakirere clearance documents for her treatment abroad, prescription because she did not meet the requirements.

Hon Nambooze yesterday told Chimpreports that the Ministry’s National Medical Board declined to clear her treatment in South Africa.

As such she said, viagra order all the medical expenses were catered for by herself except the air ticket which was given to her by the speaker of parliament Hon Rebecca Kadaga “at a personal level”

As a member of Parliament, Hon Nambooze is entitled to medical insurance. However, when her doctors referred her to South Africa for specialized treatment, Parliament could not foot this bill without clearance from the Medical board.

Nambooze says she begged the 12 member board for the support documents but she was not helped.

Following yesterday’s Chimpreports story about her plight, the ministry of health has responded, informing us that the MP failed to provide all the requirements.

The ministry’s spokesperson Ms. Vivian Nakaliika told Chimpreports that for the board to clear the Mp to travel abroad, she needed to first prove that all local options had been exhausted.

“But she simply came to us with a referral letter dated July 7th, from Kampala Medical Center which was not sufficient,” said Viviane.


The hospital in Kampala according to Nakaliika, needed to explain clearly to the board that there was no other options but for the MP to be flown to South Africa.

The board also required an acceptance letter from the hospital in South Africa, indicating among others her condition and the time she would spend there.

Nambooze however, only had the invoices from the Johannesburg hospital.

She was also expected to provide an introduction letter from Parliament which didn’t possess.

“Hon Nambooze needs to understand that the board is a department and its work is not done individually. These are the procedures that everyone seeking clearance has to go through.

The Mp while, while speaking to Chimpreports yesterday claimed that she was sidelined because she “refused to be compromised.”

“When I was in South Africa, I found another MP who was cleared by the same board, and this MP was being treated with Malaria,” she said without naming the MP.

“Other MPs have been cleared by the board to go and have their bodies trimmed. I have their names here; they are fat and they want to go and reduce their size, and the board just clears them!

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