Health Ministry Commences Oral Cholera Vaccination (OCV) in Bududa

Following the recent outbreak of Cholera in the Eastern Bududa District, Ministry of Health has started vaccinating over 50,000 individuals in 22 parishes that are comprised of 207 villages in the district.

The ministry says this is part of its strategic plan to prevent Cholera outbreaks there.

So far, a total of 51, including both suspected and confirmed cases have been registered, 48 of which have been discharged while 262 contacts have been line listed for follow up.

The ministry said in a statement that the cholera outbreak “is being responded to effectively by the resilient and determined health workforce.”

The vaccination will be carried out in the parishes of: Busiliwa, Bushiyi, Bumwalukani, Saskusaku, Bumwalye, Bumasata, Bunambatsu, Bushunya, Bumusenyi, Banamanda, Buwashi, Bunandutu, Bunatsmya, Bulobi, Maaba, Shihulusi, Bumakhwa, Bumusi, Bubukasha, Bukibokolo, Bumatanda and Bunaporo.

The ministry concluded the first round of the second phase of integrated oral cholera vaccination campaign in May 2019. The campaign targeted 630,120 persons living in the cholera hotspot sub counties in the four districts of Nebbi, Zombo, Pakwach and Buliisa. The vaccine coverages in the four districts were 53% in Buliisa, 102% in Nebbi, 106% in Pakwach and 84%in Zombo district.

The Ministry says it will conduct the second dose vaccination campaign from August-September 2019.

Oral Cholera Vaccine is administered orally for persons above one year to protect them against Cholera, a severe, potentially epidemic, life-threatening diarrheal disease.


The vaccine is administered in two doses which are given two weeks apart and offers individuals protection of up to 5 years.

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