Health Ministry Clarifies on a Video Recorded by a COVID-19 Patient at Masaka Hospital

The Ministry of Health has given clarification on a video recorded by a female COVID-19 patient at Masaka Regional Referral Hospital that is making rounds on social media.

In the video, the patient in a temporary structure alleges that the structure has no electricity and water and that patients are given little portions of food adding that patients are not regularly checked on by medical workers.

The Ministry of Health has clarified on the matter in a statement issued on Sunday.

“Our attention has been drawn to a video by an asymptomatic COVID-19 female patient at Masaka Regional Referral Hospital that is currently making rounds on social media,” read the statement in part.

It added that with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospital set aside a 20-bed capacity ward for treating COVID-19 patients and the decision to improvise a temporary structure to care for female patients was due to increasing number of male patients.

“With an increase in the number of males diagnosed with COVID-19, the hospital took the decision and improvised a temporary structure to care for female patients as a measure to avert potential challenges that may occur when the males mix with females. The patients will be transferred to a well-known refurnished main ward as soon as renovation works are completed.”

“The structure captured in the patient’s video was used as an emergency measure as the hospital expands its bed capacity to over 50 to accommodate more patients,” the statement read.

Statement issued by the Ministry of Health

The ward captured in the video, the Ministry of Health says, has a functional electrical and water system contrary to what the patient alleged.


The Ministry also announced that patients are given sufficient meals contrary to the allegations made by the patient.

“The Ministry would like to state that all patients in isolation are given sufficient meals and water. Therefore, it’s not true that they are given meals in little portions as claimed by the patient.”

Further, contrary to allegations in the video, the Ministry says medical workers check on patients regularly, and on time to time, the medical staff guide patients on their prescribed medications.

Meanwhile, the patient who recorded the video arrived at Masaka Regional Referral Hospital about 2 days ago after she tested positive for COVID-19 at Mutukula border point trying to cross to Tanzania.

The Ministry said that preliminary epidemiological reports indicate that the patient was trying to travel to South Korea through Tanzania.

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