Health Minister Aceng to Run for Lira Parliamentary Seat

Minister of Health Jane Ruth Aceng has announced she is joining politics, as she seeks mandate to represent the people of her home district of Lira in Parliament.

Hon Aceng revealed she intends to run of the ruling NRM flag for the district woman parliamentary seat.

The seat is currently held by UPC’s Joy Atim Ongom.

In a recorded statement, Hon Aceng said people in the area had been “asking questions and encouraging” her to join politics.

“The people of this area prayed for me when I worked here for over 15 years. We lived among them and they loved us. They gave me blessings when I was picked by the president as Director General health services,” she said.

“They continued to pray and I was appointed minister, a position I still hold now. I am confident that I have not let the people of Lango down; the work I have been doing has pleased them and that is why they have been asking questions and also encouraging me,” she said.

Minister Aceng, who previously served as Director General Health Services at the Health Minister has received as a lot of acclaim for the way she handled the Covid19 pandemic.

Many observers pinned her success to her technical back ground in the health sector and the fact that she wasn’t a politician.

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