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Head Teacher On The Spot For Shielding Teacher Accused Of Raping Pupil  

Tension has gripped Ajonyi Primary School in Katine Sub-county, Soroti district, after the Chairperson of the School Management Committee (SMC) accused the head teacher of trying to protect a teacher who defiled a 16-year-old pupil.

Mr Richard Olado, said the Head Teacher, Mr Charles Ongorok, together with his other senior staff concealed a defilement case, in which a teacher, Julius Onyinge, allegedly defiled a primary six girl last academic term, even when pupils sounded an alarm after they heard their colleague was being defiled during lunch hours.

“When the pupils who were aggrieved by the act that happened at the close of last term, reported the matter, we are told a meeting was held in which the defilement victim, was promised freebies if she doesn’t expose the matter to her parents,” he said.

Mr Olado added that the matter was later reported to the senior woman teacher by the girl after undergoing psychological torture from other children, adding that it’s then the matter was picked up by police at Katine police post.

He said upon, pressing the school heads over the matter on 5 Oct 2018, the alleged suspect, Julius Onyinge, went into hiding and he is not seen within the precincts of the school.

However, Mr Ongorok, the Head Teacher, said he couldn’t have informed the chairperson SMC because he was also not present by the time his teacher, Julius Onyinge defiled the 16 year old girl.

“I was on my sick leave and out of the school,” he explained.

Mr Ongorok added that when the matter was exposed, the senior woman teacher has since, reported the issue to him, police and to the school management committee.


The mother to the defiled girl, said she was kept in the dark until last week, when she learnt from her pupils that her daughter had been defiled by her teacher.

The OC Police Post, Katine Sub-county, where the matter was reported said they have forwarded the matter to Soroti Central Police Station after failing to receive a complainant to tender in statement in line with the alleged defilement case by Onyinge on the run.



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