He is a Successful Youth – Frank Gashumba Heaps Praises on Presidential Candidate Katumba

Frank Gashumba has hailed Uganda’s youngest Presidential Candidate John Katumba for being a good example to the youths, noting that he (Katumba) has already earned victory with his presidential bid.

“If Mr. Katumba can manage to secure signatures from all over the country at the age of 24, that’s already victory for him in my opinion,” he said.

Through his Facebook page, Gashumba said that Sisimuka Uganda was launched in 2011, with an aim of creating mindset change, self-belief, transforming lives and communities.

“The setbacks Katumba got on his nomination day are what any successful person has encountered,” he stated.

Gashumba added: “To you the youth, don’t concentrate on the setbacks, concentrate on your journey and the goals you set out to achieve.”

He further noted that there will never be a conducive environment to start so everyone has to start where they are.

“To the youth who call Katumba a comedian, how many of you have ever toured the village where you live? This purported comedian endeavored to secure signatures from all corners of Uganda and after his nomination; he has so far covered over 10 districts on his campaign trail. So to everyone referring to him as a comedian, you are the comedian my friend!” Gashumba said.

It has been established that Gashumba through his Sisimuka Uganda initiative has made a financial contribution to Katumba’s campaign movements.



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