He Died on our Introduction Eve

‘Make sure you are looking good or I will leave you there’ were the last words Peter told Hellen on their introduction Eve.

She shares her story with ChimpReports‘ Sarah Karungi. 

We had been in love for only two years. Peter was kind, understanding, and born again. We had agreed to never have sex until marriage. 24 November 2018 was supposed to be our day but it ended in tears.

The fateful day

 We had separated on Monday and agreed to communicate on phone as I was supposed to help with preparations at home.  

However, on Tuesday he insisted that we meet around Kiyembe because he wanted to see how my clothes would look on me, something I rejected.

I went in together with my matron and Peter stealthily followed us up to the shop. We laughed it over and I decided to let him stay and see my clothes. He applauded every cloth I put on with wide smiles, mocks and handclaps.

“You will rock bae,” he assured me.

We later went for lunch at Centenary Park and all he said was, “I can’t wait for us to be officially together.”

We separated promising to never meet until the d-day.

On Thursday he called to know how I was and I told him I had developed a rash on the fore head. He laughed and said, “make sure you are looking good tomorrow or I will leave you there.” And that was the last conversation we had.

Peter was hit by a speeding car around Northern bypass as he had gone to pick his relatives who were coming from Kyegegwa. He died on spot as his head was smashed.

Getting the news

They informed my parents who didn’t know how to break the news to me.

I continued with my preparation not knowing my partner was long gone.  

People at home started discussing in groups and would keep quiet whenever I approached them, something that disturbed me a lot.

I heard my father order the DJ to put off the music and in me I thought my grandfather had died because he had been in a critical condition.

My heart pumped at a fast pace. I tried Peter’s number to tell him what I had suspected but his phones were off. I gathered strength and asked my dad what exactly was happening.

He started by lecturing me on how God brings big test to people who believe in him. He told me to take the news he was about to give me maturely because I was a strong woman.

“I am sorry to tell you this but Peter had an accident and he didn’t make it,” he told me.

That was the worst news I have ever heard in my entire life. I sat down and the news seemed not to sink in. I tried his numbers over and over – maybe he would pick and tell me it was a prank in vain.

That evening, I went to Mulago hospital to see his body but wasn’t given access. I was able to see him on Saturday. My handsome groom was lying lifeless in a wooden coffin. It was funny how we had so many plans that vanished in the thin air.

We made the necessary arrangements and had my hero buried in a lot of tears, sorrow but respect.

The trauma

The trauma started the day Peter died. I wondered why life didn’t give me a chance to be happy. Peter’s relatives said I had bad luck – that that’s why their son died. This was rubbing salt in my wounded heart.

Even my own family members and friends said it was a sign of bad luck, something that hurt me a lot.

Moving on

Whatever happens, life goes on. I returned to the drawing board and looked for a way forward.

I had to move on because Peter was to never to come back but I doubt I will ever fall in love again.

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