Hasifa Nassuna Opens up on Career Aspirations

Hasifa Nassuna is urguably one of the most outstanding female footballers Uganda has ever fielded, putting up stunning individual performances, even on ‘rainy’ days.

The Crested Cranes and former Kawempe Muslim forward was crowned the Most Valuable Women Football Player of the FUFA Women Elite League (FWEL) for the 2015/16 season following her impressive performances.

Hasifa Nassuna pausing with her 2018-2019 MVP and Top Scorer’s awards

The lanky forward opened the lid on her best coach ever, role model and dream team during an exclusive interview with ChimpReports.

The goal scoring machine who started her footballing journey way back at Kampala Junior Team (KJT) details the pro and cons of choosing a Football for a professional career.

“I don’t regret playing soccer because it has given me exposure. I have visited around the world because of football and I have got scholarships. But the most important thing is that I have got friends, making friends is so important though I don’t have many but the few I have matter.”

She added, “On the other side, people think that football is a game for men and they do call us tomboys and it hurts because at a certain time dignity is also another big thing.

In her professional career, Nassuna has been coached by two tacticians Ayub Khalifa and the late Peter Ssebulime at Kawempe Muslim and Uganda Christian University respectively.

Despite both having ‘fatherly hearts’, the reigning league MVP believes Khalifa is slightly better than Sebulime at football tactics but insists the former boss at UCU Lady Cardinals has some other exceptional attributes.


“They both have fatherly hearts, but Ayub has a lot of brain when it comes to soccer. The way he handles every game, every game to him is a final,” Said the Crested Cranes star who dreams of playing for Barcelona Ladies Football Club.

She added, “then coach Peter Sebulime was a father to everyone. He believed in everyone whether you are talented or not. He could treat everyone equally and he could give everyone an opportunity and I can’t describe him to the maximum.

Hasifa Nassuna in action for the Uganda Crested Cranes

Nassuna together with teammates Ruth Aturo, Sharon Apon and Collines Ahumuza became the first players to win the league at two different teams.

As a go-getter, Nassuna fronts her mother as a role model who inspired her to join the beautiful game.

“My mom is my role model. Sometimes she used to go with me for training during holidays and I grew up surrounded by sports people and fortunately I found my self talented,” she narrated.

Nassuna admires FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi and Brazilian Marta Vieira da Silver who plays for Orlando Pride based in Orlando, Florida in the National Women’s Soccer League.

The Ugandan forward expects to double her goals scored last season as her main targets for this 2019-2020 season.

“This season, I wanted to score a lot of goals and multiply the goals I scored last season by two, but I have missed a lot of games because of the accident that resulted to my longtime absence. But if at all things go well, then I guess I still have a chance to score more goals and be a top scorer. I can’t give up now unless when the league is suspended. I’m just praying that COVID19 doesn’t mess up things,” she said.

Hasifa Nassuna taking a penalty kick for the Crested Cranes

Nassuna has literally set records in Women’s football in Uganda and stands currently as the all-time top scorer in the league since its inception in 2015 with 87 goals.

Breakdown of Nassuna’s league goals

2015 – 15
2015/16 – 19
2016/17 – 26
2017/18 – 10
2018/19 – 16
2019 to present – 1

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