HANDSHAKE PROBE: Parliament Orders Fresh Audit of URA Accounts

Parliament has directed the Auditor General, story John Muwanga to launch a fresh audit on the Uganda Revenue Authority activities for the last two years.

URA championed the infamous presidential handshake in which 42 government officials shared Shs 6bn for their role in the successful tax battle between Uganda and British oil giant, Heritage Oil and Gas Company.

The committee of Commissions, Statutory Authority and State Enterprises that has been investigating the matter on Monday met the officials from the Office of the Attorney General.

MPs on the COSASE told Mr. Muwanga and his colleagues that the exact vote where the Shs 6bn was picked from should be established since there are currently two conflicting versions.

“We want to ascertain where the money used to pay the government officials came from. Things are confusing for now,” Abdu Katuntu who is the chairperson of the committee said.

According to the available documents, the money was picked from the URA Operations Account.

Surprisingly the Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development under which falls URA, asked Parliament to give the tax body 6bn to pay for the same.

Meanwhile the officials from the Inspectorate of Government led by their head, Irene Mulyagonja also appeared before same committee on Monday.


Mulyagonja told the MPs that while the President has powers as the Fountain of Honor; there are constitutional rules to be followed while dealing with public finances.

She added that her institution is not yet investigating since they have not yet received a formal complaint from anybody.

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