Ham Optimistic as Nakivubo Stadium Construction Resumes

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ham Enterprises, Hamis “Ham” Kiggundu is confident that the construction work at the historical Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium will be accomplished not far from now.

Since the redevelopment of the stadium started in 2017, it was anticipated that the exercise won’t go beyond 2019 but the project has since stalled.

Ham on Tuesday told the media that the construction work had paused as the budget increased partly due to their pursuit to end more flooding at the stadium which was a major case before the renovation.

“It is an expensive project because the foundation is built on a wetland, we have had to strengthen the foundation and drain the area to divert the water from Nakivubo Channel,” he said.

Ham furthermore asserted that after the resumption of the construction works, the project will assume a total of Forty Nine million dollars (USD 49m).

CEO Ham Enterprises, Hamis “Ham” Kiggundu

He therefore urged Ugandans to remain calm and have trust in him as this is not only a stadium construction but a legacy construction.

“From a realistic and reasonable point of view this is not just a stadium but a legacy and clear illustration to all Ugandans that if our country is to develop then it’s our responsibility to develop our motherland and yes we can,” he said

“I want to assure Ugandans that the stadium will be completed very soon and it will be a 35000 capacity seater. It will consume over 49M USD and I want to end the negativity among Ugandans that are doubting it’s existence,” he added.


In the recent past, the redevelopment caused mixed reactions and criticism from the public and Ham was dragged to court after being accused of using Nakivubo Stadium land to acquire a mortgage of Shs. 25bn.

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