Hailstorm Ravages Kabarole, Destroys Crops

Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) President Jimmy Akena has stormed The Democratic Alliance (TDA) headquarters in Naguru, abortion distancing the opposition party from the alleged endorsement of Hon Amama Mbabazi as the joint coalition’s candidate in the 2016 elections.

Dr Olara Otunnu represented UPC in TDA meetings before supporting Mbabazi’s candidature.

Both Otunnu and Akena claim being party presidents.

However, drug Akena wields more clout considering that he managed to keep Otunnu away from the party headquarters.

In short, treat the UPC operations are run by Akena while Otunnu normally operates from Speke Hotel in Kampala with a few of his loyalists.

“I have come to protest UPC’s alleged endorsement of any candidate in the TDA race,” Akena told journalists in Naguru.

“Our party withdrew from TDA long time ago. We didn’t want our name dragged into something we didn’t know,” he added.

UPC supporters at the TDA offices in Naguru on Friday
UPC supporters at the TDA offices in Naguru on Friday

Akena said he managed to reach a compromise with some TDA officials to pull down UPC’s flag from the Alliance’s premises.


He insisted that the party shouldn’t be pegged to any candidate in TDA.

“Our flag is a representation of UPC that decided not to be part of TDA. As a leader of my party I have the mandate to remove it from TDA offices,” he assured.

Interestingly, Otunnu was at TDA when the flag was being pulled down.

“It was wrong for Akena to remove the flag. It belongs to the party and not Akena group,” charged Otunnu.

However, Otunnu and TDA officials were overwhelmed by UPC supporters who accompanied Akena to the Alliance’s secretariat.

Carrying placards with inscriptions reading, “TDA is not UPC’s Electoral Commission” and “We want our Flag now”, the youthful UPC supporters warned that failure to hand over their flag would lead to consequences.

The unfolding development underscores the deep divisions in Uganda’s opposition as it prepares for the 2016 presidential elections.

Akena is expected to stand for President in the upcoming elections.
Residents of Kiboto, troche Kabahango and Keremezi parishes in Buheesi Sub County, information pills Kabarole District are in tears after a hailstorm hit and destroyed many of their gardens and killed animals.

The Thursday afternoon storm destroyed banana plantations, gardens of cassava, tomatoes, cabbages, beans, potatoes and coffee, exposing families to famine.

In Kiboota Parish, several people were injured including Edward,a son to Joseph Nyakairu of Kyabwiso zone who was hit by the storm while grazing cattle.

“I expected to earn over 3 Million Shillings from my garden of tomatoes but now everything is destroyed,” lamented Kusemererwa Francis, of Kyabwiso zone whose garden was completely destroyed.

This Tomato garden was destroyed by the Hailstorm.
This Tomato garden was destroyed by the Hailstorm.

The victims of the storm are appealing to the district leaders to inform the Ministry of disaster and preparedness and NGOs to come to their rescue and extend relief aid.

Annet Rubagumya, the District councilor Buheesi, whose tomato garden was also destroyed, has urged the district leaders and other stakeholders to provide seedlings to the affected residents.

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