Guvnor Murder: ‘I was Punched Twice Without Fighting Back’–Kamyuka

Ivan Kamyuka,34, resident of Kisasi- Kyanja in Nakawa division, who is  accused of allegedly murdering Johnny Ahimbisbwe at Club Guvnor on August 2nd, 2015, started his defense today.

He revealed to the High Court this morning that on the fateful night he was punched by the deceased two times without fighting back

Kamyuka, who opted to defend himself on unsworn evidence, informed court presided over by justice Wilson Kwesiga, that;

“On the night of August 2nd, 2015 I arrived at Club Guvnor at around 1:00am with my wife and in the Club we found our usual friends already inside.”

He added that “Then the deceased developed misunderstandings with my wife Nina Nyarwaha whom he attacked, thus prompting me to intervene by separating the two.

But surprisingly after separating these two Johnny turned the anger onto me, although we were separated by friends.”

He continued that “After being separated I rushed to the toilet where I found my wife with an injury in her face and she had nose bleeding. I tried to help her. Later I tried to come out but I was stopped until we were taken to Jinja Road Police station.”

Kamyuka also presented in court their marriage certificate as proof that him and Nina are legally married and therefore defending her was his duty which vowed to fulfill at all times.


“We were not close friends with the deceased as many people have been alleging but we only had friends in common,” Kamyuka said.

He informed court that he had never engaged in a fight with Johnny as some prosecution witnesses testified in court.

Meanwhile, Kamyuka denied the wrist  watch which was brought in court earlier as an exhibit that he allegedly used to cut the deceased’s neck, adding that in the scuffle he tightened his watch and stayed with it

He also denied having had a glass in his hands which was also tendered in court as exhibit he allegedly used to hit the deceased.

“It was the Police officer at Jinja road who seduced me to confess in my statement that during the fight I had a glass in my hands but the glass belonged to the deceased,” Kamuka said.

Since in unsworn evidence the witness is not subjected to questions from the prosecution the trial high court judge Wilson Kwesiga adjourned the matter until September 29th, 2017 for further defense.

Throughout his defense Kamyuka is expected to produce two more witnesses amongst them his wife Nina Nyarwaha, who is currently in Sweden


Ivan Kamyuka with the glass he allegedly used to stab Johnny
Johnny Ahimbisibwe before he was murdered
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