GUVNOR MURDER CASE: Ivan Kamyuka Disowns Earlier Police Confession

Businessman Ivan Kamyuka has denied the Charge and caution statement said to have been recorded at Jinja Road Police where confessed to have killed Johnnie Ahimbisibwe.

In a trial before High court Judge Justice Wilson Kwesiga, Kamyuka confessed to have recorded a statement but after being “misled by Sergeant Opio.”

Opio is the Police officer who took the statements shortly after the murder incident in 2015.

“Before recording the statement the police officer told me that I was charged of murder and informed me that he was ready to help me if I accepted that I killed Johnny,” Kamyuka told court.

“He said in case I fail he was to continue by arresting all my visitors, deny my wife first aid which I feared because my mum was also on her way to Jinja Road Police,” he further told court.

Kamyuka added that the officer also informed him that murder was just a withholding charge which could be changed at any time.

“I recorded two statements, one was taken by sergeant Opio and the second was taken by detective Sergeant Wolimbwa in an office where there were three other people, including my wife,” he said.

Kamyuka narrated to Court that that night he had taken alcohol at club Guvnor.


He would later be locked in the cell with drunked-driving victims, which his lawyer Henry Kunya says could have affected his mental status.

Counsel Kunya argued that that the [police] statement was recorded six hours after the incident which is not a normal police procedure.

State Prosecution led by Senior Principal State Attorney Jane Okuo Kajuga asked the judge to disregard claims by the defense insisting that Kamyuka recorded the statement in a sane state of mind.

“The evidence of Prosecution witness (PW) 2 PC Bakunzi Anthony orroborates with that of PW2 Detective Sgt. Walimbwa who said that before Kamyuka taking a statement, they observed him and he was in a normal mental status,” Prosecution argued.

Kajuga added that Kamyuka proved to be a normal person in previous court proceedings.

“Mr Kamyuka has informed court that he is a Human Resource officer; it’s very clear that he had knowledge that whatever he was saying in his statement could be used against him in court,” he said.

Judge Justice Wilson Kwesiga has set the July 28 as the date when he will deliver his ruling on whether to accept the confession or to dismiss it as an exhibit in this matter.

Prosecution alleges that on August 2, 2015 at Club Guvnor, with malice aforethought, Kamyuka Ivan killed Johnny Ahimbisbwe.

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