GUVNOR MURDER CASE: CCTV Footage Expert Pins Ivan Kamyuka

Superintendent of Police Ssenyondo Richard attached to Central Police Station (CPS) has pinned Ivan Kamyuka in the Murder of Johnny Ahimbisibwe at Club Guvnor in 2015.

Ssenyondo appeared before High court judge Justice Wilson Kwesiga as the expert who analyzed the Video footage by Club Guvnor on the night of the incident.

He informed court that the battle started with the Late and his girlfriend before Kamyuka aggressively intervened.

“I received a letter with a flash disk containing CCTV footage of fateful night in Club Guvnor from Akankwasa Herbert, the Divisonal CID of Jinja Road, requesting me to reduce the size of the footage, analyze it as well as to put it on a Compact Disk (CD),” Ssenyondo told court.

He adds that before embarking on the assignment, he went to the scene of crime to compare the objects in the footage with those on ground so as to establish the authenticity of the footage.

After watching the 7-minute footage, Ssenyondo says, he found out that the late John was punched and kicked by Kamyuka who also tried to defend himself.

“The suspect (Kamyuka) punched the Victim (Johnny) with his left hand after which he is seen tightening his wrist watch which had loosened,” he told court adding that “in the process of punching the deceased people were seen scared as they ran away.”

He adds that in the same video footage, there came a mediator who separated the two as Kamyuka was taken to nearby corridor but returned minutes later after pushing away the mediator.


The Senior State Attorney Jane Okuo Kajuga based on the evidence of this expert to tender in court his report as well as the footage about the incident, as exhibits.

The case has been adjourned to July.

Prosecution alleges that Ivan Kamyuka a 33-year old resident of Kisasi Kyanja in Nakawa divison on August 2 2015, unlawfully killed Johnny Ahimbisibwe at Club Guvnor in Kampala.

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