Gulu Popular Singer Injured as Police Foil People Power Rally

Police in Gulu on Tuesday fired live bullets to stop a rally organized by the People Power movement Gulu Chapter at the Main Market at in Gulu town.

The organizers of the rally told ChimpReports it was meant to denounce the recent pronouncement by Gulu NRM Youths that they were endorsing President Museveni as the sole candidate for the 2021 presidential election.

The rally among others attracted a number of people and celebrities including musician   Bosmic Joyce Otim, who is known for popular songs that criticize bad leadership, corruption among others in Government.

Singer Bosmic Joyce Otim was injured in the scuffle

Some of the market vendors told us Bosmic and other artists first came to the Main Market at 10:00am claiming that they wanted to give free entertainment to people on Idd day.

“Later on however, through a public address system, they started speaking to the public and attacking local leaders,” one of the vendors said.

“The police then came in o disperse the crowd that was already growing in number. The crowd became rowdy and started throwing stones at the Police prompting the Police to fire live bullets in the air.”

In the scuffle, Bosmic was badly injured on the head. It is believed that he was hit by one of the stones being hurled at the police.

Police later confiscated the public address system   and the vehicle that was used at the rally.


Gulu police refused to speak to journalists about the incident and referred them to the Aswa regional spokesman Mr Jimmy Patrick Okema, who also said he had traveled to celebrate Martyrs Day in Namugongo.

The People Power pressure group led by Kyandondo East Member of Parliament, Robert Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine became very popular in Gulu where the MP is being tried for Treason at the Gulu Magistrates Court


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