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Guinean Citizen Netted in Ivory Trafficking

Police in Kampala has arrested Kurouma Bangally, capsule a 25 year old Guinean citizen for engaging in illegal Ivory business.

According to Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango, order Kurouma was arrested by officers from Natural Resources Conservation Network who tricked the suspect together with others still at large that they wanted to buy Ivory and needed samples first.

Kurouma was arrested on Tuesday this week at Bakuli Mengo Rubaga Division Kampala district.

“Kurouma who was moving with his colleagues in a Toyota Premio Registration number UAT 075G brought two pieces of ivory as a sample of the two tonnes which they were willing to sell in case of a successful agreement with the buyers.  He was arrested during the transaction while his colleagues took off, salve ” Onyango remarked.

A case file number SD83|05|01|2015 has been opened up where Kurouma is charged with illegal possession of wildlife products and illegal stay in the country since by the time of arrest his visa to Uganda had expired four months back.

“Very soon we are going to produce the suspect in court as we’ll continue hunting for his colleagues who are on the run” Onyango added.

Muhindo Laban, the Media Asistant Natural Resource conservation Network revealed that they managed to arrest Korouma thanks to coordination their detectives and local people.

“These people have got a very wide network which includes poachers who uses poisonous arrows and poisoned brew to kill the elephants. It has worsened to the extent that today foreigners are coming in directly to pick the ivory themselves,” remarked Muhindo.


“People in this business are so rich to the extent that they don’t find any problem paying fines on convictions and the imprisonment sentence of one to five years is also too small,” added
Muhindo before calling for tougher laws.

The suspect is currently detained at Central Police Station (CPS).

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