Guild Presidents Advise Youth to Desist from Acts of Violence

Guild Presidents from various Universities in the country have called upon Ugandans especially those in their youthful age not to be used by opportunists with the intention of fulfilling their selfish political interests.

Addressing the press in Kampala after their meeting, the Guild Presidents condemned the violence witnessed in the recent countywide demonstrations where over 40 people lost their lives.

Alex Nuwahereza, the Guild President of Law Development Center (LDC) asked fellow youth to embrace proper legal procedures to solve their grievances instead of engaging in demonstrations which can result into loss of lives and destruction of property.

“If you are aggrieved with anything, you can petition the courts of law or seek dialogue with the other party so that issues can be solved amicably in a peaceful manner,” Nuwahereza said.

He also called upon politicians to think about imparting development and patriotic skills in the youth instead of using them to push their personal agenda.

Odur Felix, Guild President for Busitema University, said that the youth are the power house of this nation therefore they should use their energy to develop the country instead of tearing it down.

“Let us embrace the electoral process by voting the leaders of our choice when time comes because violence pulls back the development of the country,” Odur noted.

He asked the students who are currently at home not to provoke security operatives on duty “because they may not like the outcomes.”


Godfrey Nuwamanya, the Guild President Kabale University advised politicians to focus on availing to the voters their manifestos instead of inciting them to destabilize the country

Amegulle Sunday, the Guild President Nkumba University asked young people to listen to the advice of the elders in order to prosper in their carrier.

The student leaders also called upon the security forces to use reasonable force in suppressing demonstrations especially in this pre- election period.


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