Guards Intercept Woman Running Toward Museveni

President Museveni’s security team, see the Special Forces Command (SFC) on Monday was taken by surprise as a woman leapt from the pavilion at Kololo Independence grounds and started racing down toward the President.

This was during the commemoration of the Police Day at Kololo independence ground a climax of the Police celebrations this year.

The crowd was stunned by the courage of the middle aged woman who seemed determined to bust through the heavy presence of the police and the President’s guard.

This all happened as the president was being led out of the function. On seeing the lady running to the president, approved Museveni’s guards rushed and grabbed her, whisking her away.

Museveni strolls back to to his car
Museveni strolls back to to his car

Chimpreports later unreliably identified the lady as Hadijah Nakkazi, whose intention was reportedly to express her anguish to the president about a promised compensation that never materialized.

“Nakazi’s acre of Myrrh plantation in Butambala was taken by a Chinese Company that was setting up a Fish factory in the area, she was poorly compensated and she filed a complaint to all concerned offices until she was able to meet the president who promised her an additional compensation of Sh70m,” said a person in the crowd who claimed to know to her.

“The President handed over the lady to the Senior Presidential advisor on Security, Brig. Proscovia Nalweyiso to effect the said compensation which has been pending for now one year and three months.”

The Special Forces Command spokesperson Maj. Chris Magezi while speaking to Chimpreports said “The incident was not ‘unusual’ and that such has happened in most of the places that the President visits.


Magezi said the woman’s motive was not yet known and advised the public to always utilize local authorities to address their concerns.

On issues that need the president’s urgent attention, Magezi urged Ugandans to utilize the Presidency Ministry.

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