Grooming Works Against Democracy

Fellow Citizens; Fellow JEEMA members; Supporters and Well-wishers;

Members of the Press;

Today, pharm we have taken the painful but inevitable revolutionary step to take over the leadership of Justice Forum, unhealthy JEEMA, ed as a step towards restoring the pride and independence of our party.

JEEMA is a revolutionary party that embraces democratic principles. However, over the years, the party has grown weaker and weaker, through the actions of its present leaders. As young people who have been nurtured in revolution and who fully understand the implications of inaction, we must take charge now.

These are our reasons for doing so:

The current party leaders do not have time for the party; they spend their time elsewhere away from the Party Headquarters, meaning that the operations are almost grounded. We have assumed full responsibility to see that the party headquarters is operating at full capacity. We have taken over the security of the Party Headquarters and we have taken full custody of the Party property. (We shall in due course take members of the press around the office to show you the property we are taking charge of).

The current JEEMA leadership has flouted the basic laws of internal democracy. They have failed to hold the mid-Term National Delegates’ Conference which should have been held in 2012. It must be held immediately.

They have resorted to backing other candidates in Presidential elections (2006 and 2011) in arrangements that we, the young revolutionaries find dubious. We hold the Party President and the Secretary General responsible for misleading the party into these unsecured alliances that brought neither respect not value for the party. JEEMA must field its own presidential candidate in the next elections. The candidate will be young, dynamic, revolutionary and well educated.


The Party did not respond in satisfactory manner, when the Kampala JEEMA Chairperson was shot dead on December 28th 2014 at Bwebajja. We demand a full autopsy report from the Uganda Government /Uganda Police Force to establish the exact cause of death, the number of bullets recovered from his body, the make and type the gun that was used to kill him and a progress report on the investigations. [The Revolutionary Command Council will, in due course, visit the family of our fallen Leader and assess the extent of the support it needs from the Party. [May Mustafa Bahiga’s soul rest in eternal peace. Your death will not go unexplained].

The Party has failed to establish an office to cater for youth employment, yet many JEEMA leaders and senior members own businesses and they head both private and public institutions that are well known. Many of them have contacts abroad where JEEMA youth can be assisted to get work.

JRCC Leadership

We have constituted ourselves into the new leadership of the party the JRCC, and have appointed the following officers to head it until the Delegates’ Conference is held and a new constitutional leadership put in place.

Chairman Kalema Shaban

Vice Chairman Lozira Ajilong

President Sentongo Kyamundu

Vice President Mwaka Christopher

Secretary General Rebecca Achom

Deputy Secretary General Abu Sematimba

Treasurer Nuru Nabukenya Ssukka

Vice Treasurer Amono Jane

Chief of Staff Dickson Aineomugisha

Deputy Chief of Staff Achiro Dickens

Spokesperson Kassim Ssekalema

Legal Advisor Counsel Muwada Nkunyingi

Deputy Legal Advisor Counsel Chemisto Kubai

Uganda First. Justice for All.

For God and My Country.

Sentongo Kyamundu


By Morrison Rwakakamba

I have been following fierce debate on a number of social media platforms on now this popular mantra of ‘grooming’.

Some argue that grooming leaders ensure stability of Countries and predictability of leadership. Instead of   grooming, more about we should be talking about equitable platforms for training all citizenry in national ideology and practical transformational leadership.

Such equitable platforms within and outside political parties will then sieve leaders and potential leaders on MERIT.  Grooming targeted and selected individuals based on particularistic interests of ‘groomers’ ring-fences leadership and is a key anti-thesis of democracy.

Things like who is ahead in the ‘Queue’ point to beliefs in ‘grooming’ as pathway to leadership. We must not forget the Napoleonic code of “career open to talent”.

This grooming thing is synonymous with what some people are calling “managed transitions”.

These managed transitions are not people driven transitions but usually elite consensus on individuals groomed (gold spoon) to sit on golden throne.

To develop a morally sound political culture and better democracy at the grassroots in Africa, citizens must be trained in civic leadership programs to play the role of would-be and eventual leaders.

Such civic leadership must aim to reform the system by promoting a good quality of life for the citizens and sustainable good governance practices.

In Uganda, there’s a younger generation of voters coming into the system who want to see Uganda being governed as a modern country but also who want an equal opportunity to exercise leadership and have their voices heard. Platforms for popular expression are on a geometric rise in Uganda.

Electronic and other forms of media have largely contributed to growth and contestation of ideas.  Indeed, when citizens understand the issues at the grassroots, they become properly educated, and get involved in the elections, the change they desire happens.

Uganda must propel a system of inclusiveness and not exclusivism based on ideas like ‘grooming’. The apparent talk of grooming certain leaders in our sister neighbour Tanzania to take over Presidency is in my view irrelevant to Uganda.

If the Tanzania context allows it, so be it. But Uganda should pursue a popular competence-based approach of finding leaders and not targeted grooming that relegates talent and equitable participation.

Morrison Rwakakamba, Coffee – Farmer- Nyeibingo, Rukungiri

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