Grief As Stone Quarry Buries Three Children

Residents of Okes Village, Odike Parish in Kumi District are in shock after a stone quarry carved in and buried three children.

Gabriel Okorom, 4, Eliger Odongo, 2, and Richard Isiagi, 3, had reportedly accompanied their grandmother to the quarry when it carved in and buried them. Their grandmother survived with severe injuries.

East Kyoga region Police Spokesperson Micheal Odongo said the incident happened on Monday.

“It is said the 3 children had been under the care of their grandmother, who is injured also and admitted in Kumi Hospital. She was the breadwinner for the 3 children, though the father is still alive,” he explained.

Mr Odongo said police and the locals who rushed to the scene tried to rescue the trapped children in vain. “By the time the locals managed to remove the mass of gravel that had covered them, they were long dead,” he said.

He said it is only their grandmother, Grace Adongo, whom the combine force of the locals and Police managed to rescue alive but with broken legs, and back.

“As police we have cautioned the locals to stop any murram excavation at the site, since it still has loose soils that may again give way as result of rains that have seemingly returned.

Ms Grace Aluka, the aunt to the deceased children, said the mother of the children divorced a divorced mother.


“The children have been under the care of our 75 year old grandmother, who at the time of the collapse was trying to excavate gravel, as it has been her daily routine to get money for buying food and other basics for her grandchildren,” she added.

Ms Aluka said because of the pain, locals rounded up Milton Epiu, who was busy at the drinking spree in Nyero, almost lynching him up, for leaving the burden of the children to already his aged mother.

“Police wanted to take the children for postmortem, but we pleaded with them, well knowing the financial implication of transporting back these innocent souls,” she said.




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