Gravity Omutujju to Undergo Knee Surgery after Soccer Injury

The ‘Nyabo’ singer Gereson Wabuyi aka Gravity Omutujju reportedly sustained knee injuries a couple of weeks ago as he was playing soccer with his friends.

He was admitted with minimal pain in the knee joint but days later, it worsened and the doctors recommended that he gets surgery.

Gravity posted pictures of himself in hospital on his Facebook page, asking his fans to pray for him.

Recently, Gravity put up a post on his social media platforms that read; “I don’t fake a lifestyle, I’m struggling but happy at the same time.”

This left many of his fans wondering what an accomplished musician like Gravity would be struggling with at such a point in his career.

Having shaken off the dust of the ghetto life and risen to the star that he is, well, as far as the fans can see, maybe a knee injury is not outruled from the “struggle” after all.

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