Gov’t will Compensate Innocent Lives Lost in Riots – Museveni

President Museveni has promised that Government will compensate “non rioters” who died in the recent violent protests that broke out after the arrest of the National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine in Luuka district.

At least 54 people died in riots as protesters took to the streets of Kampala and other major cities demanding the release of Bobi Wine who had been arrested for flouting COVID-19 guidelines by holding a mass campaign rally.

Addressing the nation on Sunday evening, Museveni said Government will only compensate “non rioters” who lost their lives during the protests.

“I extend condolences to all Ugandans and their families that lost their lives in these senseless riots. The Government will compensate all those who were not rioters but lost lives in this confusion. If you were rioting we cannot compensate you. If you were not a rioter but you lost your life, the Government, after due process, will compensate you for the loss of life. Government will also compensate their properties if it can be verified,” said Museveni.

Museveni also talked about “anti Ugandan elements” from outside Uganda that are endeavoring to make Uganda ungovernable.

“Political groups from a far, encouraged by non caring politicians can now import added danger to the local communities. However, some of the political actors working with anti Ugandan elements from outside have been promoting impunity and swearing that they will render Uganda ungovernable. We have been monitoring them through intelligence. These groups are working with criminal gangs taking serious weaknesses in police, some areas of Kampala were declared no go areas for law enforcement.”

The no go areas according to Museveni include “Kawempe Republic.”

Museveni also condemned some presidential candidates who have totally ignored public health guidelines and held mass campaign rallies, something that was banned by the Electoral Commission in a bid to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.


“Some candidates, however, from the beginning swore that they would not observe these precautions and they would hold rallies as if they were no danger to the people. This irresponsibility must be condemned. These aspirants stand in open roofed vehicles to wave at the gathered people, address crowds among other activities,” he said.

Museveni defended himself that even when NRM supporters have gathered, he has not at any point in time stood in an open roof to wave to them.

“I simply slow down, remain inside the car and wave at them using signs. I advise them to social distance,” he stated.

The President added, “To see a leader encouraging people to congregate is criminal. What sort of people do we have? The people you say are your supporters, you want them to die? This is incredible. So, I cannot stand to wave by encouraging these people as if they are doing the right thing.”


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