Govt Warns of More Floods, Advises on Road Safety

Government of Uganda has warned of more floods, saying that “the rain-season is currently is at its peak.”

The caution by government comes amidst increased floods that have hit several areas of Kampala, especially suburbs.

In other parts of the country; in a sub-county in Mbale district, mudslides destroyed over 40 households, while in Bududa district over eight villages were ravage by mudslides, leaving more than 2000 people homeless.

Both incidents happened last week.

An April 27 statement released by the department of Disaster Preparedness and Management in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) thus has been sent as an advisory to ensure safety when using floods.

“People are strongly advised not to walk or to allow a driver or a boda-boda rider to take them through a flooded road or bridge even if when the floods appear very low below the knees or rim of the car,” says the statement.

“It takes only 15 minutes for most flash-floods to clear. Please wait until the flash-floods have cleared.”

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